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Omen? More Like: No, Man! – Agent disabled Due to Exploits


Valorant Agent Omen is no more. At least for now. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Normally, Valorant Agent Omen is operating “From the Shadows” – but now he is vanishing in the dark. At least for now. After several game-breaking exploits, Riot Games disabled the popular character.

Our beloved Phantom is gone, at least for now. Valorant Agent Omen das been disabled after two game-breaking exploits have been discovered with Valorant Patch 1.07.

Omen disabled in Valorant

Patch 1.07 brought us two game-breaking exploits with Agent Omen. One allowed Omen to teleport through the spawn barriers before the start of a round on Bind A site.

The second allowed Omen to become invincible if players used his ultimate at the perfect time near the end of a round. But not just for one round, for the entire game!

Riot thought they had it covered, announcing a hotfix to for the exploits. But… well… that was not the case. Consequence? Omen hat been disabled from Valorant until the problems are fixed.

On Twitter, the devs state:

“What we thought was a map bug for Omen teleporting past the spawn barriers... is actually an issue with Omen, so we're disabling him until we have a _real_ fix. Which is hopefully tomorrow.
Sorry for all of the disruptions.”

Let’s just hope the Omen-Fix is coming soon.

For more on Valorant, check out EarlyGame. You can read more about the current Sage Nerf in Patch 1.07 or have a look at the best Pro Plays from Valorant Ignition Series.

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