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Our Valorant Agent Guide will help you catch up to all the beta players who’ve been playing the game since April. We’re going to give you an overview of each agent’s abilities and how to use them. You’ll get easily digestible guides, one agent at a time. Today we present to you the agent that was overpowered in the beta – Raze.

Valorant was officially released on June 2 and that was two months ago. If you didn’t get the chance to play during the closed beta, you’d probably want to make up for a lost time. If you prefer to be aggressive and, on the offense, then Raze is a great choice.

Raze was considered OP back in the closed beta of Valorant for various reasons, but the big one was her ultimate. Surprise, it hasn’t changed much since then and it still has the potential to nuke the entire enemy team. Nice!

Raze Abilities Guide: Boom Bot

Raze’s first basic ability is Boom Bot (default C). Once equipped you’ll be able to release a Boom Bot in the target direction. The bot will move forward or change direction when it hits a wall. If it detects an enemy it will lock onto them and cause heavy damage once it’s close enough (note that it’s still fairly easy to destroy). The Boom Bot is an excellent tool in the hands of a good Raze as it can be used in several ways.

You can use it to clear a corner when about to peek. You can also follow up the bot and as soon as an enemy reveals their position you’ll be able to go for a kill. Alternatively the Boom Bot can serve as a distraction while you pick an entirely different route. Boom Bot has a single use per round, so make sure you save it for the right moment.

Raze Abilities Guide: Blast Pack

Raze’s second basic ability is Blast Pack (default Q). Using it will deploy a Blast Pack that will stick to a surface. Reactivating the ability will cause it to explode. Raze herself won’t take any damage from it and Blast Pack can be used to propel her to higher ground. It can be used as a trap, but since the damage radius got nerfed from 2m to 1m it’s not as good as it was.

Blast Pack can be used twice per round so feel free to check corners, get above or scare enemies back.

Raze Abilities Guide: Paint Shells

Raze’s signature ability is Paint Shells (default E). While the majority of the Valorant cast have access to smokes, flashbangs or mollys Raze’s grenade inflicts direct damage. A lot of it. Pain Shells is a grenade that takes three seconds to fully detonate. Once it explodes, it splits into smaller grenades that explode further.

Paint Shells can be used to flush an enemy out of hiding, push or to escape. It also has excellent synergy with Sage’s Slow Orb. If anyone tries to walk through it, you can throw the grenade in and pretty much get a guaranteed kill.

Raze Abilities Guide: Showstopper

Raze’s ultimate ability is Showstopper (default X). It really stands true to the name, as Showstopper can turn the tide of a round. Once activated Raze will pull out a one-time use rocket launcher. Upon launching the rocket Raze will be knocked back 4-5 m. This makes it also a viable escape option if things are dire.

Showstopper inflicts heavy damage. The rocket will explode on contact with anything, so you don’t even have to directly aim at enemies. Hitting the ground near them will either kill or leave them barely standing. You’ll need some practice to get a good idea of the exact size of the explosion so checking it out in practice mode might be a good idea.

Raze Rocket Launcher Valorant
Image credit: Riot Games

Raze Strategy Guide

Raze’s role is that of a duelist and with all the crowd control at her disposal she has all the tools to pave the way. Sure, she doesn’t have a smoke, but the Boom Bot and Blast Pack make up for it by giving her the element of surprise. Using Blast Pack to propel yourself to either higher ground or shoot from mid-air (with the appropriate weapon) will often give you the edge. Try to use Paint Shells and Showstopper in enclosed space to maximize your damage output. As we’ve mentioned earlier you can work with an allied Sage’s Slow or Barrier Orbs to make sure that enemies have no way to escape.

Raze players can also go on the defense with the use of Blast Pack, but it’s not really that reliable due to the nerf to the radius. You’d be better of using it to propel yourself and surprise enemies. The rest of her kit can be used to push enemies back.

Raze Tips

  • Showstopper has a 10-second duration, so you don’t have to instantly use it. Take your time.

  • Combine Showstopper with a Blast Pack to fire from mid-air and get a better shooting angle.

  • Blast Pack can be used to interrupt a Spike plant, so it might be a good idea to plant one near an obvious spot.

  • Try to work together with Sage or Breach on your team, as their slowing abilities will give your Paint Shells enough time to detonate.
  • Paint Shells can be used once every round, but get refreshed after two kills.

  • You can activate Blast Pack while your weapon is out. You can also switch to weapons while using Showstopper and then return to it.

This concludes our guide for agent Raze. Have fun blasting people with her rocket launcher and aim for maximum damage.

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