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Valorant Agent Guide: Breach

Valorant guide breach

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Our Valorant Agent Guide will help you catch up to all the beta players who’ve been playing the game since April. We’re going to give you an overview of each agent’s abilities and how to use them.
You’ll get easily digestible guides, one agent at a time. Today we present to you the man that knows no cover-privacy: Breach.

Valorant’s closed beta was up for a couple of months and Breach has been out for just as long. He’s not a new addition to the game like Reyna, so a lot of players are already quite familiar with his abilities. No matter if you want to main him or just get a better understanding of his playstyle you’re at the right place. Let’s start by going over his skill set.

Breach abilities guide: Aftershock

Aftershock (default C) is Breach's first ability. You can fire it at a wall and anyone on the other side is going to take a lot of damage or potentially die. It can easily be combined with a teammate like Cypher or Sova. They provide you with intel and you get the job done.

Breach abilities guide: Flashpoint

Flash point (default Q) is a blinding charge which also goes through walls. It’s Breach’s only ability where you can fire two charges in a row. This allows you to easily enter a site or provide an entry point for a teammate.

Breach abilities guide: Fault Line

Fault Line (default E) is his signature skill. It has a cooldown of 35 seconds so you can basically use it at least a couple of times per match. What we’re trying to say is – don’t save it.

Breach abilities guide: Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder (default X) is Breach’s ultimate. It has massive range and can easily be used to take a site. The range and width of the ability make it possible to daze and knock up anyone camping behind a box.

Breach strategy guide

Breach is an initiator, but he can’t do it all alone. Communicating with your team is vital. Essentially, you have three flashbangs, as Aftershock will often cause enemies to move out of position. Add to that his signature ability and ultimate and you have insane amounts of crowd control. With Breach, just make sure you always have a teammate with you. Going solo queue with Breach is still possible, but you’ll have lower chances of finding the right teammate. We highly recommend you form a party with some friends.

Learn the different maps and where exactly you can use your abilities. Every single skill of yours can go through walls, so it’ll be really handy if you know some of the more niche spots to fire at. This will often surprise enemies and leave them with their guard down. Breach is usually much more useful on the attacking side, but he can be just as useful as a defender. Preventing enemies from advancing to a site is crucial and Breach has all the tools to do that.


Breach Tips

  • You don’t need to be right beside the wall to use Aftershock, the ability can cover quite a lot of distance.
  • Aftershock is a rather slow ability and will usually take about 2 seconds to take effect. Note that and don’t rush too quickly right after using it.
  • Aftershock can one-shot an enemy at point-blank range, which can be a nice surprise from time to time.
  • Flashpoint is arguably the strongest flash in the game. It has the same range as Aftershock but it activates much quicker.
  • Fault Line has great range, but sometimes it might be hard to tell exactly how long it is. To make it easier, simply look at the minimap.
  • The same goes for Rolling Thunder, whenever you’re about to use your ultimate, take a good look at the minimap so you can position it correctly.
  • Your movement speed is significantly decreased while charging Fault Line, so make sure you’re not out in the open when doing so.
  • Fault Line won’t affect you, but your teammates might get dazed, so use it with caution.

We hope our short guide will be of use to anyone who's new to Valorant.

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