Valorant Act III – Release Date and What to Expect

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Valorant Act III release date what to expect
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Valorant is still in Act II and Act III is just around the corner with only a week remaining. New content is coming on October 13 and here’s what to expect!

Riot’s tactical shooter was the absolute hit of the summer and everyone was talking about it. With the start of this fall, came the end of the Valorant Ignition Series, and ever since then, the game has been rather calm. Riot Games already announced the next big tournament, First Strike. It’ll be directly organized by Riot themselves and span over multiple regions with grand finals coming in December.

Just like most other fans, we can’t help but wonder what’s coming with Valorant Act III, which is set to come out in just a week from now October 13.

Valorant Act III – What to Expect?

Balance Changes

Just like every other major patch, the beginning of Act III will probably include some serious changes to either agents, weapons, maps, or all three combined. The heavily-discussed Operator already received a couple of nerfs recently and it’ll be interesting to see whether Riot will continue the trend.

Competitive Changes

Riot already revealed the addition of “seasonal” ranks that will be determined for each of the acts. Just yesterday, Valorant Game Director, Joe Ziegler and Valorant Design Lead David Cole gave fans a glimpse of what’s coming.

The restriction on ranked disparity will be tightened reducing it from 6 ranks to 3.

A New Game Mode

It’s certainly within the realm of possibilities that Riot Games will introduce an entirely new game mode. Maybe it won’t be this patch but it’s surely coming as Riot already made it clear they want to make Valorant more “social”.

A New Agent

Rumors and leaks of the latest agent to join the Valorant roster have been flying around for months. Most recently data miners discovered some assets that belong to agent Stealth. Whether that’ll be the final name remains to be seen but the character will certainly add some sort of new mechanic to the game. Invisiblity.

A New Map

Let’s face it, Valorant has been out for over 4 months now and the game still only has a limited number of maps – 4 to be exact. With another big event on the way it’ll only make sense that Riot adds another map to spice things up.

The devs also left some clues on Twitter that could mean a lot of things but we hope it’s a winter map.

The Tahm Kench could also mean some sort of a LoL x Valorant crossover, something Riot claimed they had no plans of earlier.

A New Battle Pass

If there’s one thing that’s certain for Act III it’ll be a new Battle Pass. The price will most likely remain the same at 1,000 Valorant points? As usual, you can expect plenty of visuals and eye candy in the pass.

Anything else besides the features above will be a nice surprise! What do you think will come with the next act? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page!

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