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Upset LEC win for Team Vitality against SK Gaming

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SK vs Vitality

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After a poor spring performance, Team Vitality shows they are not to be taken lightly as they took down the SK squad that just defeated G2 Esports. The LEC 2020 Summer Split is full of surprises!

SK Gaming came into this match as clear favorites, boasting a 4:2 record with wins against some of the expected favorites in the League. However, despite a much humbler start Vitality had already shown flashes of brilliance.

Early aggression

Just five minutes into the game, the teams clashed in a big fight as a 3-man gank by SK ended with everyone going to the bottom lane and the teams taking one kill apiece. Still, the German team retained a small lead until they lost two when trying to contest Vitality’s second drake.

The gold was virtually even until 21 minutes in when Vitality killed SK jungle. Kim "Trick" Gang-yun and secured the Baron. With it, the French squad pushed their opponents in and took the first big lead of the game.

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A close call

The two teams clashed in the middle of the map 28 minutes in and while Vitality took the first kill of the fight, SK fought back hard when their opponents overextended. It was a close call, but eventually, Vitality won the fight with five kills to three and had just enough in the tank to take the nearby cloud drake and secure the cloud soul. SK could find no way to get back in the game as their opponents secured a second baron and then slowly ground their defenses down.

This is a key win for Vitality, who already have more victories this split than they did for the entire spring season. It also shows that they can take on one of the currently strong teams and come on top - and with how close the LEC looks to be, this gives their fans hope for more.


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