Another ground-breaking FIFA 20 update by EA

Update 1.24 Takes Out Stuff From FIFA 20 That Wasn't In It

FIFA 20 Update 1.24

There's a little twist at the end of this. (Image credit: EA Sports)

There's an update for FIFA 20. At least in technical terms. The patch notes make a single point, which is actually kind of hilarious. But yeah, if you were looking for some proper updates or, God forbid - new features, you will simply not get what you want.

FIFA 20 Update 1.24

So there's this update for FIFA 20. You hear of its existence and expect, well, something. What you get instead is the exact opposite - EA Sports are taking stuff out of the game. Again, they are technically taking stuff out of the game.

Some items, namely TOTW and FUT Champions Bronze Player items, were appearing on the Special Quality Filter. The thing is, those are not available in-game, so if for whatever reason you got excited about them, tough luck, bucko.

The actual patch note(s) basically repeat what I just said, but let's keep it official anyway by pasting the exact text:

  • Removed TOTW and FUT Champions Bronze Player Item rarities from displaying on the Special Quality Filter as these items are not present in-game.

If you've made it to here, you've made it to the good part. You see, I've kind of played you for a fool, because this "update" has been live for over a week. If you already knew that, you're either very observant or very pedantic with your FIFA 20 updates. Chances are. however, you didn't know that. Just wanted to make an example of how meaningless the FIFA 20 maintenance has been for the past, like, 10 months.

Thanks for your attention. It's much appreciated.

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Kiril Stoilov