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Untitled Goose Game With Free Co-Op Mode, Steam Release

Untitled Goose Game Co-Op Mode Steam

This poor farmer isn’t seeing double. (Image credit: House House)

Untitled Goose Game, the popular white-feathered honking demon from hell simulator, is getting a free update introducing a second goose playable in co-op for double the shenanigans.

Mark your calendars, because September 23 brings Untitled Goose Game to Steam and Itch.io. So far, the title was only playable in the Epic Store and consoles.

Video credit: House House

The new update will introduce a second goose which looks much the same as the original but has a slightly different beak and a distinct honk - a feature that fans are sure to appreciate. The trailer reveals some new assets that could be held by a pair of beaks for even more slapstick terror.

Untitled Goose Game dropped out of nowhere last September and took the gaming world by storm, and even took the Game of the Year title at the DICE Awards, snatching it from the clutches of Kojima’s Death Stranding.

Despite being developed by a tiny team, the game has a big following, and this new update is sure to spice it up even further, so you’ll do well to watch out for geese running wild all over Twitch next month.

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