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Ultralight Gaming Mice and Their Advantage in Esports

The Razer Viper is the forerunner of ultra-lightweight gaming mice and is very popular with professionals

Professionals increasingly rely on lightweight gaming mice. The advantage is obvious. (Image credit: Razer)

Picking the right hardware is almost as important in sports as your own skills. What good is the perfect aim if the hardware is holding you back? Are ultralight gaming mice the future?

Do you remember the times when gaming mice could be equipped with additional weights? Pros thought the extra weight would make them more accurate, but maybe the opposite is true? Are ultra-light gaming mice the new trend?

More Precision in the RTS Genre

Lightweight gaming mice can be especially advantageous in titles like StarCraft 2 or MOBA games like League of Legends or Dota 2. At least that is what professional Steffen "Lillekanin" Hovmand from Team ePunks thinks.

The Danish StarCraft professional can now look back on a long past in the world of esports as he has tried out many gaming mice over the years. In the meantime, he is now fully committed to ultralight gaming mice:

"I use a mouse with a light weight because it allows me to make fast and precise movements. Precise movements without a lot of effort when executing movements are an advantage over heavy mice."

Of course, the advantage does not apply to every genre, Lillekanin knows that too. Fans of fast shooters might be better off with classic mice. Thus, most Valorant professionals rely on medium to heavy models that weigh between 90 and 200 grams.

Peripherals manufacturer Razer is one of the pioneers in the field of ultralight mice: the mice in the Viper range (Viper, Viper Mini and Viper Ultimate) weigh less than 75 grams and offer everything you would expect from a precision gaming mouse. Other manufacturers are now following suit.

StarCraft II pro Steffen "Lillekanin" Hovmand at the IEM 2018.

StarCraft II pro Steffen "Lillekanin" Hovmand is convinced of light mice. (Image credit: Razer)

What Is Important for a Good Gaming Mouse

Lillekanin also reveals what a gaming mouse is all about:

It's a combination of the shape, switches, mouse glides, the cable, the settings and the mouse pad. The Razer Viper combines all of this with excellent technology, such as the 5G optical sensor and optical mouse switches for ultra-fast response.

Of course, the choice of the perfect gaming mouse depends mainly on personal preferences, and these can vary from genre to genre. However, the professional does not see any advantages in the heavyweight ones:

In my opinion, a heavy mouse does not offer any advantages. You have to put more effort into lifting it, and when you make movements, the weight creates friction between the mouse and the mouse pad. Friction happens more often and in terms of ergonomics, this has a long-term negative effect.

No wonder that many peripheral manufacturers are now following Razer's example and have reduced the weight of the mice to under 100 grams. Especially since the Razer Viper is extremely well received by gamers and achieves dream ratings in hardware tests. The optical mouse switches represent a novelty of the ultralight mice. They are supposed to offer three times the speed compared to conventional mechanical mouse switches.

A noticeable advantage that also convinced CS:GO legend Epitácio "TACO" de Melo of MIBR:

I fell in love with the Razer Viper at first sight because the shape is just perfect. The click of the optical switches feels smoother and faster and the flexibility of the cable makes the gaming mouse ideal for CS:GO.

So it looks like ultralight gaming mice are the future of esports. The times of optional extra weights are finally over.

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