YOU are making the rules!

Experience Ultimate Valorant Tournament From GameBuddy! There Are Prizes for You, Too!

Valorant Deathmatch

My tournaments, my rules! Perhaps the coolest Esports tournament ever!

An esports tournament. In Valorant - yeah, sure, quite nice, quite the standard at the moment. Just a few pros playing against each other, whatsoever - booooring after all. How about: Game Buddy's Ultimate Valorant Tournament starts next week and you alone decide how the pros should play.

Yeah okay - got us - we love esports. Of course we like to watch big tournaments and the pros play. We love to watch the best players duel each other. But what if we could influence the matches ourselves while watching? Is there not? Yes, there is!

GameBuddy Valorant Tournament

"Yo, Ninja! Only feet allowed next round!"

We promise , that you have definitely never experienced such an Esports tournament. Currently the Valorant Challenge Cup is running, where the spectator decides how the community tournament is played. This is unique and a lot of fun - for all participants and us spectators.

Want an example? How about the Hot Potato Challenge:

Each team is only allowed to carry one primary weapon only, which becomes a hot potato. The weapon may be carried by the same player for a maximum of 20 seconds and may not be picked up again by the same player after a drop.

Next week will be even better, as some of the most famous streamers and stars of the gaming world will compete in the utimative Valorant clash. We already have a few ideas for matches of a different kind - this will be a true fiesta!

We will start on Friday, September 4. The Cup runs until Sunday, September 6. The matches will be played between 17:00 and 23:00 CEST. A whopping €1,500 in prize money will be donated to a charitable organization chosen by the winning team.

Waaiiiiit a second! There´s more! You viewers can also win something. Periphery manufacturer Razer contributes fat prizes. Every day an active voter can enjoy cool stuff. Also the viewer with the most votes can win great prizes from Razer.

So what are you waiting for? Mark September 4 in your calendar and look forward to an esports tournament like you have never experienced before.

More Valorant news, such as the AORUS Xtreme Showdown With Dhalucard and Trillux and much more from the world of gaming and Esports is right here, at EarlyGame!

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