The French aren’t fooling around when it comes to their IP

Ubisoft sues Apple, Google over Rainbow Six: Siege clone

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Ubisoft, makers of tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Siege has filed a lawsuit against the Google Play and Apple App Store over what they claim is a Chinese-made mobile clone of their intellectual property.

The offending title is Area F2, a mobile shooter made by, a subsidiary of Chinese colossus Alibaba. As of the writing of this article, the game is still available for download on both iPhone and Android marketplaces.

The French company of Assassin’s creed fame is claiming that Area F2 is "designed to closely replicate... virtually every aspect" of their team-based shooter. Their claims take a whopping 42 pages, including screenshots. Outside of the courtroom, Ubisoft’s claims are enhanced by a multitude of YouTube videos comparing the two games and all the similarities spanning all the way to the agent selection screen.

It’s estimated that AF2 has been downloaded more than a million times and made “tens of thousands” of dollars in microtransactions since its release. On the other hand, R6S has amassed more than 3 million users since its launch back in 2015.

Ubisoft is up for a tough battle against massive entities such as Google and Apple. We’re curious to see how this high-profile legal affair will unfold.

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