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Ubisoft drops lawsuit against Apple and Google

Ubisoft drops lawsuit

Area F2 is no longer available. (Image credit: Google Play.

French AAA giant Ubisoft is giving up on the legal battle against the app stores owned by Apple and Google after R6S clone Area F2 was removed from the digital storefronts for good.

Last week EarlyGame reported on a legal dispute between the makers of multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six: Siege and Chinese mobile game Area F2, that according to Ubisoft infringes on its copywriter being an unlicensed “carbon copy”. Analyzers predicted that even a powerhouse such as Ubisoft will have a hard time competing in court against two of the world’s largest companies.

Since then, the offending app has been removed from the two marketplaces and the French studio has dropped the charges, settling the dispute outside of the courtroom. The Chinese “clone troopers”, a division of Alibaba, has pulled the plug on their mobile creation and offer full refunds. A statement published on social media sheds light on the future of the game, in-game events, and arguably most importantly, its refund policy:

After the termination of service, all the players who have paid (transactions during Beta phase included) can apply for refunds on the platforms:
Apply for refunds in Google Play and App Store if you have paid via these two platforms. All the eligible refund applications will be accepted according to the platform return policy. (Google Play Refund Policy, AppStore refund page
If you have paid via other payment mehthods, please contact the service provider.
If you have any problems with refunding, please contact Area F2’s Support team via Helpshift through the game client or our official website.

This seems to be the end of this story. For more gaming news stay tuned to EarlyGame!

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