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Twitch Streamer Sodapoppin Banned

Sodapoppin apology

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The Twitch ban hammer strikes again and it's the streamer Sodapoppin who got it. The online personality who has millions of followers addressed his fans today in a video. How did he get banned?

The well-known Streamer Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris was banned by Twitch last night. Even if the exact reason is not yet known, his fans and followers can already guess what is behind it.

If you follow the content and especially the VR streams of the entertainer for a while, you will soon notice that Sodapoppin likes to take it to the extreme and fish in controversial waters. Always in a good mood and with a pinch of sarcasm, the Twitch streamer might have crossed some of the Twitch community guidelines.

Not his first ban

It's all fun and games until someone breaches the Twitch rulebook. In the last VR stream, Sodapoppin showed content that did not comply with Twitch's legal guidelines. Shortly afterward the lights went out as the banhammer hit him. This morning the streamer released an "apology video" á la Chance Morris.

Judging by his usual manner and the video (which probably has a hint of sarcasm in it), Sodapoppin's ban won't be too long. This means that he'll definitely be coming back, we're just not sure when. Whether the recent ban will make the streamer timider in his humor remains to be seen, but we doubt it. His persona and behavior is exactly what attracts more viewers and makes him interesting.

Over the last month, the Twitch streaming platform has sparked quite a lot of controversy. Most notably with the Herschel "Dr DisRespect" Beahm IV who got straight up removed. There was no official explanation given by Twitch and Dr DisRespect himself wasn't notified why the ban happened. He already released a new teaser and all the hints are pointing towards Youtube. Ninja also jumped on the Youtube train so it's forming up to be a war between team red and team purple.

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