The first tournament after the official release chooses a winner

Twitch Rivals Valorant Showdown - The Results

Valorant Showdown

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The first big Valorant tournament after the release of the game took place this weekend. Check out the results from the Twitch Rivals Valorant Showdown.

The Twitch Rivals Valorant Showdown started on Friday, June 5th with the group stages, followed by the playoffs and finally the finals on Sunday, June 7th. Many well-known streamers and professional players took part in the $200,000 event and delivered a weekend of exciting matches.

Results - North America

In North America, a total of 16 teams participated, competing in four groups of four teams each. Team Brax, consisting of Brax, Skadoodle, crashies, t1food and AZKcs won first place with a 5-0 victory rate and thus $10,250 of the prize money. The team is one of the first Valorant esports rosters and is under contract with the T1 organization. They won the final against Team Myth, who won the match in Haven but lost to the T1 roster in the third round.

Here you can see the table of NA teams:

results NA

Image credit: Dexerto

Results - Europe 1 & 2

In Europe, 32 teams participated, twice as many as in NA, which is why the tournament was divided into EU 1 and EU 2. Again, 16 teams competed in four groups of four teams each. In the EU 1 group, Team Mixwell came out on top in the end, securing $12,250 of the prize money with a 6-0 win rate. The team consisted of the European CS:GO professionals Mixwell, ardiis, scream, pyth and drakencsgo. They defeated Team ONSCREEN in the final and finished second with a 5-1 victory rate.

Here you can see the eight best teams of EU 1:

EU results

Image credit: Dexerto

In the EU 2 group, Team Duno was able to secure first place. The team consisted of Duno, dimasickcsgo, archiliciouz, chiwawaa and pipson12 also won $12,250 of the prize pool with a 6-0 final score. This team also consisted mainly of CS:GO pros, of whom archiliciouz has already officially switched to Valorant. In the final, they defeated team wtcN, who finished second with a 5-1 victory rate.

Here are also the results of EU 2:

eu results 2

Image credit: Dexerto

With more and more organizations and players turning to the new tactical shooter Valorant, we can look forward to some exciting tournaments in the future. All news and updates about Valorant, such as tips and tricks for the new Spike Rush mode, can, of course, be found on EarlyGame.

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