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Twitch Rivals Call of Duty: Warzone Showdown (UPDATED)

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Twitch Rivals Warzone

Twitch Rivals is here with a 3v3 Call of Duty: Warzone Showdown. (Image credit: Twitch Esports via Twitter)

Twitch Rivals hosts another event for Call of Duty: Warzone. The Call of Duty: Warzone Showdown pits 90 streamers per region against each other and takes place on June 23 in North America, and today, June 24, in Europe.

Twitch Rivals regularly hosts еsports tournaments for a variety of titles. To participate, you must be a Twitch partner or affiliate. At this week's tournament many invited streamers will compete against each other.

The Warzone event is being held over two days in the NA and EU regions. Today, 24 June, at 19:00, the EU tournament starts.


90 streamers, in teams of three, are invited to compete in each region. Some of the more notable names to participate are TeePee, NICkMERCS, Symfuhny, DrDisrespect and Nadeshot North American and KayzahR, P4wnyhof, Gotaga and MoNsTeR_Lena_ for Europe.


The Battle Royalе Trios mode is played on all platforms with activated Crossplay. As in most Warzone events, the game is played in public lobbies. Teams have four hours to play as many matches as they want. Matches that start within the last ten minutes before the four hours expire will not be counted. The ranking at the end of the tournament is determined by the number of kills and the rankings in the top three matches. In the event of a tie, the fourth best match and then the fifth best match will be counted.

Prize pool

A total of $50,000 will be awarded per region, of which $39,000 will be paid out for the final placements and $11,000 as bonus prize money. The distribution is as follows:

  1. $6,000
  2. $4,200
  3. $3,600
  4. $3,000
  5. $2,700
  6. $2,400
  7. $2,100
  8. $1,800
  9. $1,500
  10. $1,200

11-15 - $750
16-20 - $600
21-25 - $450
26-30 - $300

Bonuses are awarded for the most kills as a team in a match, the most wins in a tournament, the most completed missions in a tournament, and the most kills as an individual. The top three teams in each of these categories earn a few extra dollars.

North America results

The battle of the NA streamers is already over and Team Symfuhny has secured first place. Team leader Symfuhny, HusKerrs and Atlanta FaZe pro Priestahh delivered three incredible games. They scored more points than all other teams in each of their three best matches - 107, 100, 99, and secured the victory with a total of 306 points.

They are followed by Team Tommy with 267 points and Team Metaphor with 261 points. NICKMERCS made it to sixth, TeePee finished seventh. DrDisrespect fell waaay down to No. 21.

Here’s how the top ten standings look lie:

  1. Team Symfuhny - 306 points
  2. Team Tommey - 267 points
  3. Team Metaphor - 261 points
  4. Team Scump - 256 points
  5. Team greekxgodx - 256 points
  6. Team NICKMERCS - 250 points
  7. Team TeePee - 250 points
  8. Team Aydan - 247 points
  9. Team ProblemWright - 246 points
  10. Team Redman_Lyons - 244 points

Europe results

A day after Team Symfuhny triumphed in Nortn America, we crowned the European champion too.

Team Recrent was able to prevail against all other participants. The eponymous team leader, together with his teammates Ubica and OfficialSmithTV, played three very solid games. With 99, 95 and 93 points, they reached a total of 287 points, which is still quite a bit less than their NA counterparts, but was nevertheless enough for victory in the EU region. Don't sing NA's praises just yet, though. The top three teams in EU all collected more points than the runner-up in NA, so it's more an attestment to Symfuhny's domination overseas than a lack of quality in EU. P4wnyhof made it to 13th place and Gotaga ended up in 19th place.

What we really care about is the top 10 and here's how that thing looks:

  1. Team Recrent – 287 points
  2. Team Mithrain – 280 points
  3. Team KayzahR – 276 points
  4. Team iLame – 250 points
  5. Team MakataO – 229 points
  6. Team FlexZ – 229 points
  7. Team Vvassago – 228 points
  8. Team Pow3rTV – 205 points
  9. Team drainys – 198 points
  10. Team mrsoki – 198 points

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