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Twitch introduces a separate esports category

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Since yesterday, the popular streaming platform Twitch offers a separate esports category. From LoL to CS:GO to NBA 2K you can find all esports streams.

As described on Twitch's official site, esports streams are among the most-watched streams on the platform. Especially since Valorant entered its closed beta. To do justice to the steadily growing community and the esports fans, Twitch now introduced a separate new category.

The Music tab gets company, as from now on you can find an esports tab on Twitch to the left of the search bar. Like the music tab, the new esports category combines all important esports streams. Here you can find live events, but also reruns of previous ones.

Twitch Esports

In the upper left corner you will find the new esports category. (Image credit: Twitch)

Quality of Life Features

The new category brings quality of life improvements with features that make finding and rediscovering streams much easier. At the top, all games are highlighted and you can scroll down to see a selection of the live events and most-watched streams. You can also select individual esports titles. For example, if you select CS:GO, you will first be shown live matches that are currently running, directly below you will find reruns and highlights of the last events. Last but not least, one gets a selection of channels of CS:GO-professionals that are streaming. The same applies to all other games. You can quickly find running live events of your favorite title or professional streamers that you might not have noticed before, even without the search function of Twitch.

Twitch announced that they will continuously add new events and pros to the new esports category. They want to ensure that Twitch remains the number one platform for esports viewers in the future. With events like ESL Katowice, LoL World Championship, Twitch Rivals, and a few more, they are already well-established.

In our opinion, this is a welcome innovation that makes it much easier for esports fans to stay up to date and always find the best streams to their favorite titles. Talking about streamers, check out the most popular ones in Fortnite or the best you can follow in the Valorant closed beta. For more news from the gaming industry, check out EarlyGame.

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