Will their streak end soon?

TSM take another title at the DTS Invitational


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The Valorant Lof x DTS Invitational Series came to an end yesterday and TSM were the ones to take first place, adding yet another trophy to their collection.

Team Solo Mid have been doing rather well in the Valorant scene, which only just begun recently. The North American team already has a couple of trophies to brag with and the latest one came yesterday. The Lof x DTS Invitational Series was an event that technically started back when Riot’s tactical shooter was still in closed beta. A total of eight teams participated and they were all determined by qualifiers. Each qualifier sent the top two teams to the main event and the first qualifier took place on May 9 while the fourth and final one was on June 8.

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Image credit: Riot Games

The DTS tournament itself happened yesterday, June 17. Here’s the list of teams that took part in the event in order of the final standings:

  1. TSM
  2. China Nguyen
  3. Pon Pon
  4. Destined
  5. 303 Esports Orange
  6. Team Yelo
  7. Rugratz
  8. Echo 8

A total of $5,000 were distributed in prize money with the whole pool going to first and second place. TSM took home $4,000 while China Nguyen got $1,000, everyone else got a participation token. All of the matches were Bo3 and there was no group stage, instead, the event went right into playoffs. TSM had a flawless run as they eliminated 303 Esports Orange in the first round, Pon Pon in the second and China Nguyen in the grand finals. All of the series ended with 2:0 for Team Solo Mid. The event truly felt unbalanced in terms of skill as TSM simply stomped anyone who stood in their way. Don’t believe it? Check out one of the games in the grand final.

Video credit: Youtube – PogTV

That’s a 13-0. You don’t see that every day in an official event. Taylor "drone" Johnson from TSM also received the MVP award for the DTS Invitational. This is the second event where TSM basically had no competition so we’re all eagerly waiting for the NA powerhouse to face someone on their level.

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