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The Toy Butcher Arrives in Dota 2

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Image credit: Valve Corporation

The second persona for the Dota 2 2020 Battle Pass is out. Toy Butcher is an alternative take on the original concept of the hero but is it worth it?

This year’s Dota 2 Battle Pass offers three arcanas and two personas. The latter are now officially out as the Toy Butcher is live. We have no doubt that Pudge fans from around the world will be eager to get their hands on the hero’s persona. After all the butcher is the most played Dota 2 hero of all-time. What about the persona though?

The Toy Butcher

The Toy Butcher is the latest persona coming into the game and it changes the way Pudge looks, turning him into a cute stuffed toy. It also adds new voice lines along with modified versions of some old ones. His abilities get brand-new sound effects like the squeaky toy noises during his ultimate.

Toy butcher hook

Image credit: Valve Corporation

Landing a hook will also reward you with another sound effect, instead of Pudge’s usual line.

Toy Butcher: Not What People Expected

There are certainly some surprises here and we’re not sure where to start. Let’s say it’s a mix of setting expectations too high and delivering lower quality than what we’ve seen before. Toy Butcher is certainly going to be popular due to the hero’s high pick rate and presence in almost every game. Let’s compare the promo art to the actual product.

Expectations reality toy butcher

Expectations vs. reality. (Image credit: Reddit/Valve Corporation)

There are some differences between the two. Yes, Valve? You shouldn’t use promo art as the only way to present the persona? That’s right. Further down the line, you’ll realize that Toy Butcher doesn’t even have his own dedicated page. Something we saw with the Anti-mage persona – The Disciple’s Path.

Speaking of Wei, people criticized her too but at least she looked like her in-game model. With the Toy Butcher, it’s really a mixed bag. There’s also last year’s persona – Kid Invoker. He also looks quite similar to the promo art which was inspired by an SFM video.

Video credit: Maxime Lebled - 3D animator via YouTube

Here's the Acolyte of the Lost Arts promo posted versus the actual in-game model.

Acolyte of the lost arts

The promo poster. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

Kid invoker

The in-game model. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

They're quite similar aren't they? All of this led many fans to believe that the Pudge persona will offer the same amount of quality. That’s obviously not the case. The Toy Butcher will be exclusively available to Battle Pass owners who manage to reach level 255. Is it worth investing to get the persona? It’s all really up to personal preference, but Valve should really step up their game. The only skin remaining from the 2020 Battle Pass is the one for Windranger and Valve will probably release it in a few weeks tops.

Last but not least, the Toy Butcher update also added the long-awaited “Voice of The International” announcer pack and we can’t wait to try it out.

Stay tuned for more Dota 2 news and check out EarlyGame for everything gaming and esports.

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