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Top Pro Plays From The Valorant Ignition Series

Top Plays from the Valorant Ignition Series

These pro players show us how to ace (Image credit: Riot Games)

Do you like monster clutch plays from the top Valorant pros? Let us serve you up with sone of the best highlights from two recent Valorant Ignition Series tournaments. Pop Flash and LVL Clash 2 featured Valorant's best players and the insane plays they made while they tried to become the best in their region.

The Ignition Series is sponsored by Riot Games and hosted by a long list of different industry partners. The series has been giving us exciting matches of Valorant over the past few months. With some tournaments like Pop Flash reaching well over 50k viewers during some points of the broadcast.

Top Pro Plays in Pop Flash

This tournament was won by Sentinels and featured the best pro teams in the North American region. Our First clip comes early in the tournament’s group stage. TSM’s Matt “Wardell” Yu gets the clutch multi-kill with the Operator versus Dignitas:

Flashpoint via Twitter

Next up we have Cloud9’s Tyson “TenZ” Ngo who floats down fiery-death onto Sentinels for an easy triple kill with The Judge (a shot-gun)!

Flashpoint via Twitter

Last up, we have a quad-kill in the playoffs between Team Envy and Dignitas that actually ends the series, winning it for Team Envy. This sick play is brought to you by Jake “kaboose” McDonald:

Flashpoint via Twitter

Top Pro Plays in LVL Clash 2

Now we travel to Europe and see what the pro teams have to offer. The LVL Clash 2 which was won by G2 Esports beating the fan favorites Bonk.

That brings us to Ardis "ardiis" Svarenieks on G2 Esports with the clutch defense on the high ground leading to a quad-kill:

LVL Global via Twitter

An Ace from Andrey "Shao" Kiprsky shows that The Judge is here to deliver you to justice in this match between G2 Esports and FPX.

Finally, we have a dramatic pistol round with some fancy footwork by Malkolm "bonkar" Rench playing for Bonk in the game versus NiP. An intense clutch in a 1v4!

I don't know about you, but I'm so hyped from those pro plays that I got to get in queue and play me a match of Valorant! We hope to see you in-game, so play safe and thrifty. And until next time agents let EarlyGame be your hard carry for all your esports and gaming wants and needs! Did you miss the Pacific Open? Well go on, check it out!

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