The LPL finalists dismantled the last LCK representative

Top Esports sweeps Gen.G to earn Mid-Season Cup finals spot

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The Mid-Season Cup final will be between FunPlus Phoenix and Top Esports. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Top Esports dismantled the last LCK representative to guarantee an all-LPL final for the Mid-Season Cup.

Battle of the finalists

The two teams had ended 2:1 in their respective groups, but due to tiebreaker procedures Gen.G took first place in Group B, while Top Esports was second in group A due to losing the head-to-head against FunPlus Phoenix. As per the rules of the event, the first game would be under blind pick rules with the rest following the typical tournament draft method. With both teams showing signs of greatness in the group stage and being finalists of their respective leagues, expectations were high.

An unmitigated stomp

The opening game saw Top strike fast, taking an early first blood in the top lane.The Chinese team was unleashed in the early game, taking no less than 11 kills in the first 15 minutes and boasting a nearly 6K gold lead. The rapid-fire attacks continued and Top opened up the botlane inhibitor before the 20-minute mark. A series of pushes dismantled the Gen.G defenses and after just over 24 minutes TES ended the first game.

Game 2 had a more even start with the Gen.Gbot lane taking first blood in just under 3 minutes, but TES soon equalized and a great countergank several minutes later saw them take two kills in the top lane and come out ahead. Eventually, they went on the offense and with several won skirmishes, they were firmly in control of the game.

Gen.G tried to mount a defense, but even a fight where they had a temporary advantage ended with an ace for Top, who quickly followed up with the Baron. Several minutes later, the Chinese team collapsed on a Gen.G pick attempt for an extended ace and went for the nexus,bringing the series to match point.

The LCK team would once more get the first blood and enjoyed an early advantage in the top lane. While Top would eventually retaliate, the gold stayed close in the early game. However, Zhuo "knight" Ding was racking up kills and just 17 minutes in, his Syndra was already quite fed with a 4/1 record. Five minutes later, he ended a long standoff near the drake with a flank that stunned the enemy carries, leading to a 2:0 and a baron for his team. Top quickly went on the offense and eventually took down an enemy inhibitor.

Even a good engage by Gwak "Bdd" Bo-seong 28 minutes in that eliminated two of Top’s damage dealers was not enough as the LCK team lost four when chasing. The LPL team would get another baron before easily ending the game.

It was a dominant performance by the LPL team that was firmly ahead in all three games. Top Esports drafted better and played better, leaving no doubts about who the better team of the day is. The Mid-Season Cup is heading towards an all-Chinese final - and the only thing left to the LCK teams is to redouble their training and look forward to a rematch at Worlds.

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