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Top 5 Strongest Top Laners in LoL Patch 10.17

League of Legends

Camille is currently the absolute #1 top laner in LoL. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Riot Games has made some minor changes to some champs in patch 10.17. We show you the absolute meta champs of the patch, which you should currently play on Top Lane.

Best Champs for the Top Lane in Patch 10.17

With our tier lists, we show you the best champs for each lane in LoL Patch 10.17. We focus on winrate and the carry potential because you often have to do more than just win the lane. Today we take a look at the top lane.

5. Garen (Winrate: 51%)

You should definitely have Garen on your radar right now. The champ is super dull and easy to play, but is also very efficient and forgives many mistakes due to his passive ability. Garen has almost only good melee matchups and can often be picked blind, especially in low elo. He might not be scaling that well into the late game, but if you play him right there won't be a late game.

Garen 0

Garen makes the top lane easy. (Image credit: Riot Games)

4. Fiora (Winrate: 51.2%)

With Fiora you have an absolute 1v1 duelist and lane-bully in the game. In the late game she is one of the strongest hyper-carries and if you play her right, you'd often decide team fights alone. Fiora can also attract the opposing jungler onto her lane and take away the pressure from the rest of the team because only a few can stand up to her in 1v1. The only downside is that Fiora is a difficult champion, so you should definitely practice her in some normals before you go into ranked.

3. Urgot (Winrate: 52,2%)

Urgot is very match-up dependent. He has a hard lane against champs like Vlad or Mordekaiser, who avoid his CC or have an edge over him in 1v1. Good Urgot players know most matchups and can react to them. Then Urgot can become really dangerous for the enemy team because he has massive damage in his kit.

Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot skin

Urgot is always worth it in the top lane. (Image credit: Riot Games)

2. Shen (Winrate: 51.8%)

Shen's global ultimate is one of the most critical skills in League of Legends and can determine the course of the game in the first 15 minutes. It doesn't matter if it's about countering a gank or joining a team fight. Shen always has an influence on what happens on the map, while other top players are criticized for having little to no gameplay impact. On the downside he has less damage than other champs on the list.

1. Camille (Winrate: 51.3%)

Camille is the best pick for a coordinated team that lets the top laner free farm. Camille is unstoppable on the side lane in the late game. The champ's Hookshot (E) is an excellent escape and attack tool, depending on the situation. With her Q, Precision Protocol, she is incredibly strong in 1v1, provided she is allowed to execute the skill twice. Currently, Camille is probably the best split pusher in the game and can play almost any match-up well. As with Fiora, practice, practice, practice - because the champ is hard to play right and even harder to master.

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