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Top 5 Strongest Mid Laners in LoL Patch 10.20: AD or AP Mid Laners?

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Vlad is back in the mid lane! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

This Patch heavily focused on the state of Solo Queue so many champs with high win rates were targeted by Riot. The mid lane saw quite a few changes on this patch. With Katarina and Kassadin nerfed, quite a few new faces have made it onto the Rift.

In this LoL tier list, we'll show you the best champions for each lane in relation to Patch 10.20. We especially focus on win rate and the carry potential because often, you will have to carry your teammates in the gap through the game. Today, we will take a look at the mid lane.


Which Mid Laners Are Strong in LoL Patch 10.20?

5. Vel’Koz (Win Rate: 52.0%)

Arclight Velkoz

The floating eye is relevant once more. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Vel’Koz is usually used as a support but he is a great champion to use in the mid lane, especially when you want to climb the ladder since he is easy to use and quite strong. His passive allows him to melt through tanks, due to the added true damage. He has great poke in lane with his Q and he can even roam and poke from outside of lane with this skillshot. His teamfighting ability is also insane in the later stages since his ultimate can wipe out whole teams from the backline. Just be mindful that he is a rather immobile champion and you might need some extra attention from your jungler at times.

4. Rumble (Win Rate: 52.5%)

Badlands Rumble

Rumbling along the mid lane... (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Rumble is especially strong in the early game with high sustained damage. He loves to pressure in lane and can easily push the other mid laner under tower. Rumble is a strong pick into any AD mid lane since he naturally builds Seeker’s Armguard due to Zhonya’s Hourglass being part of his core build. Rumble is also an amazing teamfight champion in the late game, his ultimate ability to burn down enemies if it is placed right, making him very strong in the later stages of the game.

3. Vladimir (Win Rate: 51.0%)

Graf Vladimir

Sucking the opponent dry this Patch (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Vladimir is one hell of a mid-lane mage. He has great sustain since most of his abilities heal him in some form or shape which makes him incredibly annoying to play against. Sure, his early-game still has a bit to be desired, but if you manage to stay even in lane, you’ll be able to scale into a late-game monster that can take over any teamfight. His W – Sanguine Pool also lets him escape from tough situations with ease if you push up too far in the early-game.

2. Fizz (Win Rate: 51.3%)

Cottontail Fizz

Isn't he cute... (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Kassadin was nerfed, which indirectly buffed Fizz. With the Void Walker off the rift, Fizz is able to jump into lane and take over. He is an incredibly slippery champion – and not just because he is a fish – who is hard to lock down which is what makes him so dangerous in lane. Just be sure not to overextend if you’re not sure where the opposite jungler is. Keep your E to get out of any dangerous situation.

Almost no other champ can snowball like Fizz. A single solo kill can get him rolling and once he hits the late game, nobody is able to stop the fish. Did you ever experience a Fizz roam? Most likely. You’re laning and one second later the fish jumps out at you, throws his R your way and a giant shark swallows you up. Fizz is able to take over games due to his strength.

1. Zed (Win Rate: 51.7%)

Galaxy slayer Zed

Zeds Back! Again! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Do we even need to write anything for Zed? He has been the undisputed king of the mid lane for the last few patches and we’re seriously running out of things to say about this champ. His roaming ability is unrivaled, and nobody can come out of fog-of-war and slice enemies to pieces.

Once you get past his okay laning phase and you’ve got your ultimate you can roam all over the map, ganking people in the side lane. Just imagine roaming down bot, jumping out and ending the enemy ADC’s career and then safely getting back out thanks to your ult. Yeah… that is a nice feeling. So, for another week, Zed is one of the strongest and most dominant mid laners. If you haven’t played him yet, then what are you still waiting for?

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Do you agree with this list? Isn't Fizz the worst champ to lane against? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. For more information regarding the upcoming changes to the Jungle as well as new champs in 2021 keep reading on EarlyGame.

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