Top 5 Strongest Junglers in LoL Patch 10.17

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Evelynn is a true AP Jungle Carry (Image credit: Riot Games)

With LoL Patch 10.17 Riot Games has planned a few small changes to some champions. We’ll show you the champs that fit best into the meta and who you should play with in the jungle.

In this LoL Tier List we will show you the best champs for each lane in reference to Patch 10.17. Our focus is on the win rate and the carry potential of each campion, since oftentimes you will have to drive your teammates on the rift to victory. Today we will be taking a deep dive into the jungle.

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Top 5 Best Champs for the Jungle in LoL Patch 10.17

5. Fiddlesticks (Winrate: 52.2%)

Fiddlesticks dominates the Jungle through sustain and massive damage in teamfights (Image credit: Riot Games)

Fiddlesticks is a perfect addition to an AD-heavy team. The scarecrow has massive amounts of AP damage in its kit and is especially popular due to his sustain and speed. His Fear ability is the perfect ganking tool, allowing the champion to support the lanes early on in games. Through his passive Fiddle is also able to generate vision within the jungle to control objectives like Dragons and the Baron. His ultimate is the perfect engage tool for a teamfight, causing massive damage to carry the game.

4. Kha'Zix (Winrate: 51.7%)

The snowball monster of the Rift (Image credit: Riot Games)

Kha’Zix is probably the most hated champion by any ADC main. With his Q he is able to one-shot any isolated target by jumping out of fog-of-war, creating uncertainty with the enemy jungler and causing them to group up with their team as to not be constantly killed. Since most Solo Queue games do not contain much team coordination, any solo attempt from the enemy can turn into a potential kill. Kha’Zix is built to snowball and every kill will multiply his strength until he is almost unstoppable on the rift. Not to mention his agility makes him hard to catch. He can thin out the enemy teams backline in uncoordinated teamfights by jumping from target to target.

3. Hecarim (Winrate: 52.8%)

Ban the horse with the big sword. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Hecarim has one of the quickest clears in the jungle, which opens up various options for him on the Rift. This racehorse has always been one of the fastest champions in LoL and with its damage scaling in accordance to its movement speed makes it one scary champ. Combining the summoner spell Ghost with his E – Devastating Charge will enable you to literally run over the opponent when ganking. Pair this with the ultimate as an engage tool and you have so much CC and damage that you’re taking all the fun out of the game for the opponents' ADC. Hecarim also belongs to the carry champions in the jungle and once he is fed enough he is almost unstoppable.

2. Kayn (Winrate: 51.4%)

Red or Blue Kayn - you decide your playstyle! (Image credit: Riot Games)

Kayn is one of the most dangerous jungle champions in the game. Through variations within his jungle start, as well as his two forms, he is one of the most volatile champions to play against. His E – Shadowstep allows him to move through walls which not only makes him unbelievably quick in the jungle but also creates countless opportunities for ganks. Who hasn’t experienced a 1v1 in the top lane, only to be one-shotted by a Kayn appearing practically out of thin air...

Kayn is able to adapt to the team's needs through his two forms, becoming either an off-tank, who is almost unkillable when combining “Spirit Visage” with his healing ability or an assassin who can eliminate any ADC within seconds. He becomes an integral part of any team with his mobility and adaptability in any game situation.

1. Evelynn (Winrate: 51.5%)

All the One-Shot potential you need (Source: Riot Games)

Evelynn is the champion for any team in need of AP damage as well as late-game carry. Her clear speed is not the greatest, neither is her damage in the early game, but once you’ve got her to 2-3 items, she will be a total late-game carry. The damage of her Ultimate in the late game is just completely out of this world. Combine it with Smite and your team will never lose a single Drake or Baron since no other jungler in the game can deal out as much damage as the Demon. Her invisibility also makes her ganks unpredictable and ends in the enemy laners death easily.

Her late-game damage is so insane, that she can merely creep up on unsuspecting ADC’s and then one-shot them. If you enjoy humbling opposing players through sneaky plays, then get online right away and pick Evelynn in your next SoloQ game and frustrate the hell out of the enemy!

Are your jungle mains included in this list? If yes, then congratulations and have fun climbing the LoL ladder! Share your favorite janglers with us on our Facebook page!

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