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Top 5 Strongest ADCs in LoL Patch 10.17

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Caitlyn pulsefire

Caitlyn is still #1 in Patch 10.17. (Image credit: Riot Games)

LoL Patch 10.17: Riot Games have made some small changes to some champs with their latest update. We show you the absolute must-play ADC meta-champs of the patch.

In this LoL Tier List we'll show you the best champs for each lane after LoL Patch 10.17. We especially focus on win-rate and carry potential.

Today we are taking a look at the ADCs.

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LoL Patch 10.17: The 5 best ADCs in the game

5. Jinx (Winrate: 51%)

Jinx 20

Jinx is unstoppable in the late game. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Jinx is one of the champions that was beefed up in patch 10.16 and is now fully locked and loaded with even more damage! In LoL patch 10.16, a bug in her Ultimate, "Super Mega Death Rocket" was fixed, so the upper limit for the damage she causes is now unlimited. Now, Jinx can really get going.

Jinx is one of the absolute best late-game carrys, so don't expect too much from her in the laning phase. However, once she has 3-4 items, Jinx can clean up properly in a team fight. Jinx works best with a "Protect the ADC Comp". So, if your team has Engage, Peel, and Tankiness, you don't have to worry about damage anymore, because Jinx has more than enough of that in the late game.

4. Senna (Winrate: 51,5%)

High noon Senna

High Noon Senna is trouble. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Long reduced to a support role, Senna is now returning to the ADC position in full glory. Senna plays a bit different from most other ADCs. For those who like to work with skill shots but still want to deal damage, Senna is the right choice.

With heal on her Q-skill - "Pervasive Darkness" - she has a lot of sustain for the laning phase. She also has a strong engagement tool with the stun on her W-skill - "Last Embrace". Senna's Ultimate is Global and can, similar to the Lux Ult, execute distant enemies or support allies with a heal. All in all: Senna ADC is BACK!

3. Jhin (Winrate: 50,8%)

Jhin 4

Jhin, the artist of the kill. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Jhin is one of the best-designed champions in League of Legends. With his 4-shot mechanics, timing is the key to this champ. Due to the current popularity of Caitlyn, Jhin is also more often seen in the ADC position as an excellent answer to the sniper. Jhin's weak point is his mobility. For this reason, most players use Fleet Footwork in the precision primary tree.

Jhin's AD scales with attack speed and critical hit chance, which gives him incredible damage late. Due to not only his interesting play style, he is one of the best champs in the current meta.

2. Ashe (Winrate: 51,5%)

Ashe 17

Despite the nerfs, Ashe remains one of the best bot laners. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Ashe is a solid ADC, proven in all phases of the game thanks to her CC and Vision. If she loses the laning phase, she can still support her team with her ult. Ashe scales quite passably with the right items. With the necessary attack speed, she also develops into a good carry for the late game. Like Jhin, she has the problem of low mobility, so she needs a lot of peel from her team, or she needs to be able to kite well.

But what really makes Ashe special is her engage through her ultimate. When the Ashe Arrow hits an opponent over half the map, you can almost let your mouse go, because the CC lasts forever. Ashe is so popular and strong because her kit, even without being fed, brings a lot to the team.

1. Caitlyn (Winrate: 52,2%)

Caitlyn pulsefire

Caitlyn is the #1 amongst all ADCs. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Caitlyn is currently very dominant in the bot lane. She is often played, yet despite her play volume, she has a very high win rate Her play style also fits perfectly into the current meta. With Caitlyn, you have the advantage of her great attack range in the lane, against which many opponents look quite... hopeless.

The attack range makes it very easy to last hit minions and at the same time poke your opponent, because nobody can get to you. Additionally, you have a dash that slows down enemies and lets you escape over walls. There's no shortage of damage in the lane either, because the "Headshot" mechanic always guarantees you a critical hit. In fights, you can execute enemies with your trap zones and those who try to get away can be executed with your ultimate. Caitlyn is easy to play, but has incredible potential, which makes her one of the strongest ADC's in the game.

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