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Top 5 Plays: Fnatic v G2 Esports Grand Finals

League of Legends

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League of Legends Spring Split 2020 comes to a rather exciting conclusion with Fnatic versus G2 Esports! While we were rooting for Fnatic to pull something out of the bag, G2 Esports showed Europe and the rest of the world what it's like to dominate and dominate well. Fnatic proved they had what it takes to be the best in the finals, but G2 had the upper hand. It seems like the weekend was full of clean sweeps! Right now it seems like Fnatic have a lot to take away from the weekend and can hopefully put it into the Summer Split! Bwipo's performance was less than amazing for Fnatic but he held his own, but it was PERKZ & Caps from G2 Esports who really outshined the rest during the best of three games. A huge congratulations to both teams & Riot Games for a spectacular Spring Split 2020 series. Keep it here on EarlyGame as we dove deep into what made the weekend special for League of Legends. (Video credit: Riot Games)