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Top 5 LoL Worlds Skin Series

League of Legends

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League of Legends is a popular team-based strategy game where two teams consisting of 5 champions, fight each other and try to destoy the others’ base and take down towers along the way.

Cosmetics in games are the number one items for players to show their individuality, to stand out beside the other characters.

League of Legends offers the gamers skins of their favorite champions. Skins that can change the appearance of the champions completely or just give them a new flair. Most of the skins can be bought, but it is possible to get them via special tasks. Other than that players are able to combine skins by getting shards out of Hex-Techs. Those shards can then be combined with orange essence. The orange essence can be accquired by disenchanting skin shards. Players have to decide which skins they really want to go for.

To support the World Championship and the pro teams, Riot Games has decided to create skin series for the winning teams of the worlds – with the first set coming in 2011. Giving the champions unique skins fitting the team-branding and the representing color. Players are able to purchase those skins to show their support to the teams or just to look cool. Honestly, some of the skins are amazingly unique and recognizable.

It was a hard decision for us to choose the top 5 best worlds skins from all the series that got released in those 10 years. We went through many skin series searching for the most attention grabbing and memorable skins. Some skins even got some really beautiful recall-animations.

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