Top 5 Hottest LoL Skin Series

League of Legends

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The funniest, most popular, or the coolest. What are the criteria you use to select your favorite skins? Whichever way you choose, League of Legends Skins remain genius in their own right and we are grateful for the work that Riot Games puts into development. Want to know which skin series made it into the top 5? Then take a look here - there's definitely something for you!

Not only does League of Legends have champions for each of us, but we also have skins to match. Some of our favorites are blessed with more skins, others with a few less. But one thing is for sure: The skin series from Riot Games are just getting better and better!

In case you are not familiar with League of Legends or skins, we will give u a heads-up on it:

LoL is Riot Games’ MOBA game and has the biggest esports scene from all over the world. It´s played in 5v5´s and its millions of fans are watching the World Championships and other tournaments and events every year.

Each Team competes with the so-called Champions. To make these look fancier, cooler, or cuter, Riot Games created skins. You can buy them for real money to give your favorite champions a new, fresh look. It doesn´t affect the gameplay – so don´t let us hear a pay-to-win shoutout here!


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