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Top 3 Valorant Agent Ultimates


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Valorant was launched this spring and it immediately gathered comparisons with established titles such as CS:GO and Overwatch.

Riot Games’ 5v5 multiplayer FPS holds some obvious similarities with Valve’s 5v5 multiplayer FPS but it is the Agent Ultimate abilities that make Valorant stand out of CS:GO’s shadow.

It is clear now that Valorant will not be a CS:GO killer or an Overwatch killer, as it was called upon launch by some. Counter-Strike has outlived countless competitors and Overwatch killed its own damn self. So no credit for Valorant there.

That doesn’t mean that the Riot games failed as its own entity. It’s not the groundbreaking merger of genres that it was marketed as - the shooting mechanics and map design is very CS:GO-like and abilities have mostly been seen before in similar form.

It’s still the combination of the two that makes Valorant an interesting play though. It is the agent abilities and in particular the agent ultimates that make for the most curious part of gameplay.

Time your ultimate perfectly and the game could be won in a split second. Be off with your timing and you’ve just wasted a significant advantage.

We went through every single Valorant agent ultimate ability and picked out the top 3 among those. The three that could win you a lost game if used properly. The three that will make your opponents go back to being North American CS:GO pros. The three that will make you go “Damn, these really are the top 3 Valorant Agent Ultimates”.

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