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Best Flexes in Esports


CS:GO economy – a great way to flex (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

A lot of the time, esports matches are filled with action, tense moments, and competitions too close to call – but not always. Sometimes, the skill difference between the competing parties is enough to make one of them stop playing seriously and start goofing around – while still flexing on an opponent, of course. Here are some of the most fun flexes we’ve seen!

CS:GO – Playing the Economy

The economy in CS:GO is important – knowing when to buy and when to save for a better round is a key element in the game. Sometimes, the situation calls for one team to stick with their default guns, while the other team is able to buy anything they want. Winning such a round is very nearly impossible – or at least, it should be.

That doesn’t stop some teams from flexing their superiority by winning these rounds, though! Ninjas in Pyjamas did it against Astralis in the Group Stages of a DreamHack competition, and also against SK Gaming in the Group Stage of an ESL match. It’s rare, but it happens – and it’s the perfect way of flexing against your opponent!

Rainbow Six Siege – Tachanka

Esports flex tachanka

Image credit: Ubisoft

Normally, picking operator Tachanka is a bit of a troll move in a pro R6S game. He’s pretty much the worst operator in the game and there isn’t much point to him – except for flexing on an opponent, at least.

A Tachanka pick, of all things. (Video credit: Ubisoft via YouTube)

For skilled Tachanka players that want to be flexing their superiority, picking him can be an absolute power move. His high-powered LPG can do some real damage – and it can be frustrating as hell for the other team when he’s played well! We’ve seen this move in high-profile matches like G2 vs BDS – G2 flexed him alongside their normal line-up!

Dota 2 – Stealing the Aegis

Defeating Roshan is a big deal – he’s the strongest neutral creep on the map, and can compete with most heroes pretty evenly. Killing him also grants an important reward – the Aegis of the immortal.

It’s a game-changing item – respawning where you died with full health and mana is a BIG DEAL – and so, waiting for the opponent to kill Roshan and then nabbing the Aegis is a great way of flexing on an opponent… especially if you then don’t use it! Even high-profile teams like Fnatic have had this move used against them – nobody is safe from this ultimate Dota 2 flex!

Video credit: StarLadder via YouTube

Do you flex often? Maybe you have those big brain moments in-game? How about you tell us all about it on our Facebook page?

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