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Top 10 Most Unpopular LoL Champs, Part 1

League of Legends

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Each season of League of Legends features a different meta and therefore different champions that are very popular. Whether it's in the competitive arena or at home in front of your computer – some heroes are just more popular than others. In LoL Season 10, new and old champions have fought their way back to the top of the pick order. Where there are winners, there must also be losers. That's why today we answer the question: “Why doesn't anyone actually play these heroes?” All of this is in consideration of the current pick and ban rate.

League of Legends has over 150 Champions and more are getting added to the game each year and season. Of course, not every champion can be the most played and popular amongst the bunch which also means that there has to be a group of some forgotten and abandoned characters which sometimes ghost over Summoner’s Rift.

Some of these champions have been a part of the game forever and just never got the upgrade needed to keep up with changing metas while others have fallen off simply due to a change in items and runes which had assisted them in being relevant. A deleted item could truly impact the meta as a whole which can mean certain popularity death for some champions. If the champion just can’t sustain itself without certain items and runes then it just isn’t plausible to use it in Solo Queue.

Of course other reasons, such as design can also make a difference in popularity. Is the character mobile and can they hide well in the fog-of-war? Are you able to deal out any damage at all? All of these are questions players ask themselves when choosing a specific champion to main. There has to be a gratifying feeling once you’ve spent hours mastering a single champion.


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