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FIFA 21 Lists: Top 10 Fastest Players

FIFA 21 Fastest Players

Pace should not have such a stranglehold on FIFA 21 gameplay as it did in FIFA 20.

Another chapter in our FIFA 21 ratings series is underway. FIFA 20's meta overpowered pace and agility way too much. FIFA 21 should be better in that department but we still expect these pacy players to cause nightmares, so why not rank them?

If anything, this top 10 proves that being fast doesn't necessarily mean you're a great player, even in FIFA. There's only one player that breaks the 85 OVR mark just a couple more that are above 80. Even then, pace is still going to be effective in large doses regardless of player overall, so it's a good thing t obe aware of the fastest FIFA 21 players.

Top 10 FIFA 21 Fastest Players

  1. Kylian Mbappé - 96 Speed, 90 OVR (Paris Saint-Germain)
  2. Alphonso Davies - 96 Speed, 81 OVR (Bayern München)
  3. Adama Traoré - 96 Speed, 79 OVR (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
  4. Vinícius - 95 Speed, 80 OVR (Real Madrid)
  5. Daniel James - 95 Speed, 77 OVR (Manchester United)
  6. Kensuke Nagai - 95 Speed, 70 OVR (FC Tokyo)
  7. Anibal Chala - 95 Speed, 69 OVR (Dijon)
  8. Achraf Hakimi - 94 Speed, 83 OVR (Internazionale)
  9. Leon Bailey - 94 Speed, 80 OVR (Bayer Leverkusen)
  10. Ismaïla Sarr - 94 Speed, 78 OVR (Watford)

Wherever we stumbled across a tie, we ranked the players based on their overall rating in descending order. As we see, Kylian Mbappé is the best player of the bunch by far while also being tied for highest speed rating. Even with a suposedly changed meta, the pace of the FIFA 21 cover star can only help him become one of the strongest performers in the game and a surefire staple in FIFA Ultimate Team.

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