The online event dedicated to fighting the new coronavirus still has a couple of days remaining

TNC hire ana but it’s not enough – WeSave! Charity Event

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Ana as a temporary stand-in for TNC. (Image credit: WePlay!)

As it’s already clear by now, all of the big offline events have been canceled, not only in Dota 2, but in any other title. WePlay!’s WeSave! Charity event is a step in the right direction and the tournament still has a few more days remaining.

WeSave! started on Friday and is set to conclude this Thursday. Some of the best teams from each region have gathered to play it out for a total prize pool of $120 000 all of which will go to organizations fighting the new COVID-19.

So what happened so far?

We’ll be taking a look at each of the regions and the standings.

North America

In the first series for the region, CR4ZY managed to take down Cloud9 with a 2:1. Both organizations made an entrance into Dota 2 quite recently but CR4ZY seem to be doing a lot better than their competitors. Next up Evil Geniuses defeated business associates with a 2:1. This left the associates and Cloud9 at the 3rd-4th places while CR4ZY and EG will meet and the finals tomorrow (March 23) at 20:00 CET.

South America

Things in the south are still not resolved completely as we’ve only seen FURIA Esports go up against NoPing e-sports. The latter came out victorious and secured a spot in the finals. The second semifinal will be played out later today between beastcoast and Thunder Predator at 20:00 CET.


In Europe we saw Team Liquid stomp OG with a 2:0. This came a bit as a surprise, but in OG’s defense their line up was a bit different.

The second series will start later today and it’s going to be Team Secret versus Nigma. The two teams have already met before and while many thought Secret to be unbeatable, Nigma proved them wrong. Will they manage to do it again though?


Dendi’s new organization had yet another disappointing run as they fell to his former team, Natus Vincere. In the meantime HellRaisers managed to eliminated, something we didn’t see coming. Na’Vi and HellRaiser will meet in the finals tomorrow at 17:00 CET.


In SEA Geek Fam defeated BOOM Esports while Team Adroit came out victorious over TNC. The latter managed to add a member of OG to their line up, but it simply wasn’t enough.

While TNC won game one, the next two were taken by Adroit. Anathan “ana” Pham’s performance wasn’t bad in any of the games, but he couldn’t carry the team in any of the remaining two.


Last but certainly not least it’s China where PSG.LGD pulled out a surprising victory against Invictus Gaming. Considering LGD looked shaky in the current season as the team failed to qualify for two of the three majors, while IG were among the top in the China Pro League not many expected this outcome. The second series between EHOME and Vici Gaming is live and you can check it out on the official Twitch channel.

WePlay! called betting platforms to not accept any bets for their event unless they plan to donate the profits.

WeSave! is scheduled to end in the early hours of this upcoming Thursday. Until then stay tuned for more Dota 2 news!

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