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This Is The Magic Grand Finals Top 8!

This Is The Magic Grand Finals Top 8

Any Omnath fans out there? (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

Magic Grand Finals, the conclusion of Magic: The Gathering Arena 2020 Season, ran through its second dual-format day and we have the names of the 8 players who outwitted the competition and continue the fight for the largest chunks of the $250,000 prize pool.

If you need to catch up on what’s been going on during the past two days, take a look at EarlyGame’s primer and Day 1 report. Now let’s see what happened during Day 2!

We’ve got our Top 8! Some of the usual suspects are here, like Seth Manfield and Gabriel Nassif, but it’s refreshing to see names like Autumn Burchett and Emma Handy as well! Sadly, highly motivated players like Ken Yukuhiro did not quite make the cut this time, but this will hopefully make them play even better in the future! Without further ado, here’s the list:

  • Austin Bursavich
  • Seth Manfield
  • Autumn Burchett
  • Emma Handy
  • Aaron Gertler
  • Patrick Fernandes
  • Gabriel Nassif
  • Raphael Levy

Emma Handy, Autumn Burchett, and Patrick Fernandes all played the infamous Omanth deck, which, after this more than dominant run, is now a prime target for banning the next time Wizards decide to update the legality list.

Notable non-Omanth decks include Ken Yukuhiro’s Neostorm combo build and Seth Manfield’s innovative Rogue brew which was a great surprise and definitely a list that deserves more attention.

Tonight we continue with the Top 8 bracket, where all matches are a bo3 games, and the Championship match which will be a bo3 matches.

The pro with the higher seed will choose the play/draw order at the beginning of each match, but during the Championship match, the upper bracket player may choose the play/draw order for all matches in the final series!

For more MTGA coverage, keep reading EarlyGame!

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