Riot shows the Elderflame skin

There Are Dragons in Valorant. For 90 Bucks!

Valorant elderflame skin

A live dragon skin? You can have that. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Hot, hotter, Elderflame. Riot Games has introduced the first Ultra Edition skin for Valorant. With the Elderflame Skin we go into battle with a living dragon.

Valorant gets its first Ultra Edition Skin, named Elderflame. With the new weapon skins we go into battle with a living dragon, but beauty - as so often - has its price. In this case, it's definitely not on the lower end.

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The Valorant Elderflame Ultra Edition Skin

What could be more beautiful than turning your weapons into a living dragon? Well, we can think of a few things, but that's another matter. Be that as it may, that's exactly what Valorant will soon be able to do as the Elderflame Ultra Edition Skin makes it possible.

For most players, the previous Valorant skins were too expensive or not spectacular enough. The latter now changes thanks to the Elderflame Skin bundle. It not only modifies the look of assault rifles, snipers, and pistols but also offers unique animations - in the form of a living dragon weapon.

Video credit: VALORANT via YouTube

Elderflame seems to be the first Ultra Edition Skin, a series of particularly high-quality cosmetics for the competitive shooter hit from Riot Games. The skin bundle should be available in the in-game shop from July 10 , but don't expect a bargain for it.

Joe Lee, Revenue Lead at Riot Games, revealed on Twitter that the skin bundle will cost a whopping 9,900 Valorant Points. That corresponds to a price of around 90 euros. Heavens above! However, the four skins are also available separately and will then cost 2,475 VP each or around 25 euros.

While it might be the coolest skin in Valorant, it's just a visual and it won't impact your gameplay in any way. At the end of the day you decide whether it's worth it or not.

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