The Titanfall 2 weapon is almost here.

The Volt SMG Is Coming to Apex

Volt SMG Titanfall Apex Legends

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Season 6 of Apex Legends is almost upon us as it’s about to start on August 18. With the arrival of the new season, players will get a new weapon - the Volt SMG.

Apex Legends had a really good fifth season. It introduced a new agent with Loba, PvE and weekly quests, and much more. What it didn’t do was bring in another weapon to the arsenal. Worry not as Season 6 is there to fix that. With only a few days remaining before its official launch, players won’t have to wait long until the Volt SMG goes live. Season 6 will also introduce, Rampart, ranked changes, a new Battle Pass, a crafting system, and maybe even a brand-new map. Today we’ll focus on the Volt SMG.

The Volt

Anyone who has played Titanfall 2 would be quite familiar with the weapon. For anyone without a good idea, here’s the weapon description from the Titanfall 2 wiki:

It is a weapon that fires concentrated bolts of high energy, which are referred to as 'blue tracers'. Despite this making the weapon very effective In medium to close range engagements, at long range these blue tracers can very easily give your position away. The Volt appears to be equipped with a Suppressor by default, though this attachment provides no in-game benefit.

The Volt SMG was first leaked back before the release of Season 3 and many fans expected it then. Instead, Respawn added another energy weapon – the Charge Rifle. Right before the start of Season 4, the developers made some “accidental” changes to the extended energy mags. Once again, players were fooled into believing that the time of the Volt has come. This time Respawn released The Sentinel. With Season 6 around the corner, things are pretty much guaranteed. The Volt SMG is even on the official website, but then again so was Forge.

Volta Apex Legends Season 6

Image credit: EA

It’s still unclear whether the description of the Volt above will be accurate in Apex. Our guess is that the weapon will function similarly to what it was in Titanfall 2, but it still could receive some slight adjustments in terms of fire rate, damage, magazine, etc. The biggest question is - will that silencer actually do something?

What do you think about the Volt? Will it be an outright hit among players? Share your opinion on our Facebook page!

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Tasho Tashev

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