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The top 5 weapons in Apex Legends Season 5

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Season 5 of Apex Legends is already a few weeks in and the dust surrounding the weapon meta has settled. Take a look at the five best weapons in Season 5.

Apex Legends Season 5 started back on May 12 and brought the new legend Loba, a map rework, a new PvE mode and some weapon changes. The latter brought back some old hop-ups which redefined the weapons meta for the season. Other weapons were changed from global drop to care package and vice versa. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top five weapons in Season 5 (in no particular order).


apex legends mastiff

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The Peacekeeper is dead, long live the Mastiff. The latter replaced the Peacekeeper as a global drop, while the old shotgun is now a special drop.

While the two weapons have some differences when it comes to spreading and shooting pattern, there’s no denying they’re the best in close range. The Mastiff can be lethal, just make sure you aim for the body so more of the pellets actually land.


apex legends prowler

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The stopping power of the Prowler is unmatched with its only limit being the clip size. Many players claim that Selectfire makes it a lot better but we’re confident that the weapon is decent even without it. The burst-fire is easy to control and with enough practice, anyone can become efficient with it.

Getting Selectfire on it turns the Prowler into a fully automatic weapon and all you have to do to take someone down is hold down your left click. Note that its fire rate is rather high and ammo will go out quickly. Anyone picking Loba can find the attachment with ease thanks to her passive.


r-301 apex legends

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If there’s one assault rifle which has been consistent in each season, that’s the R-301. The weapon is highly accurate and the only downside is its small clip. Even without any upgrades, R-301 can inflict a total of 252 damage with a full clip. That’s enough to take down anyone and the rate of fire makes it easy to do so in a second.

The recoil is easy to control even for new players and upgrades only make it better. The R-301 is a solid choice in almost any situation, so if you happen to stumble upon it, you’ll be wise to pick it given you have enough light ammo.


wingman apex legends

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One of the player favorites is making a return in Season 5. The Wingman was very popular in the previous seasons and in the fifth one, it got what it needed to make a comeback. The Skullpiercer hop-up is back in Apex which means nastier headshots.

Players using the revolver are usually aiming for the head and with Skullpiercer, it becomes even deadlier. With 5 shots in its default magazine, it has enough firepower to take more than one opponent, given you have the accuracy. The weapon is often found around the map and learning how to shoot with it can definitely give you the edge.


Longbow Apex Legends

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It wouldn’t be a complete list if there isn’t at least a single sniper rifle. The Longbow was almost forgotten until it resurged in Season 5. The reason? The same one as for the Wingman. That Skullpiercer hop-up means massive damage coming from any headshot done with the Longbow. Instead of hitting for 110, the amount increases to 137. That’s some serious hits.

While some might argue that the Sentinel hits harder, the Longbow has a better fire rate and it won’t waste your Shield Batteries. If you’re a fan of long-range weapons, then look no further than the Longbow.

That concludes our list, do you agree with it? Maybe leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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