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The Top 5 Valorant Weapons


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Valorant: the new CS:GO killer, the new Overwatch killer. The new... not anymore. We don’t know where time goes but it sure as hell does go by fast. We still remember the fuzz around Riot Games’ ability-based precise first-person shooter that was going to wipe the floor with the competition.

Half a year has passed since then and thankfully no games have been murdered. CS:GO is still alive and well. Overwatch, not so much, but it is breathing. And so is Valorant. Free of the initial war between the games it was supposed to kill’s fanbases and its own following. Now we have a clearer view of the game’s mechanics. Their similarities and differences.

Naturally, a first-person shooter’s most important “mechanic” is its arsenal of weapons. Valorant offers a vast number of pew-pews to choose from. Like in every other FPS, each weapon comes with its perks and drawbacks. Some are slower to maneuver with, others are difficult to control. Some lack the damage dealing capabilities of others, who in turn have a very short range.

It’s always interesting going over a game’s weaponry and picking out the gold from the crap. We’ve kind of stolen that nice little feeling of discovering the best guns for yourself by compiling this Top 5 Valorant Weapons list. Don’t hate us. We’re just trying to help out a brother in need.

We promise the video will make up for the stolen adventure of discovery. You’ll agree once you nail that first Vandal headshot.

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