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The Top 10 Fortnite Pros of All Time

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Let's take a look at the most successful Fortnite professionals of all time and see why they are at the top. Here comes the best that Fortnite has to offer!

Fortnite stormed onto the gaming scene in 2017 as the newest Battle Royale game and took the gaming world by storm. Since its release three years ago, Fortnite has grown to become one of the biggest esports in the world, giving out the most money to its players every year. In the process, some Fortnite players have become real celebrities. The 10 highest paid Fortnite players alone have a combined income of over $3.5 million. On Twitch, Fortnite is and remains one of the most-watched video games in 2020. But now let's take a look at the best Fortnite players of all time.

10th TSM Myth


Myth (Image Credit: Twitter)

Myth is considered one of the OG players of Fortnite. The young TSM prodigy started streaming on Twitch and soon had a small fan base. His popularity increased after the release of Fortnite, as he seemed to be mastering the game from the very beginning.

He is one of the first players to use the "90s" building strategy in the game, which has become a staple for all competitive Fortnite players. Some believe that it is Myth who even invented the 90s. For this reason, he will get a place in our list of Fortnite's top 10 players. Myth is also one of the most famous Fortnite streamers on Twitch with over 4 million followers.

9th Ninja

Ninja Pic

Ninja (Image Credit: Ninja)

The popular streamer and content creator, Ninja "Tyler" Blevins, is also one of the few players of OG Fortnite. Not only is he one of the most successful streamers on Twitch, he was also one of the most influential players in Fortnite and even played together with other personalities like Drake and Marshmello. Furthermore, with a whopping 23.6 million subscribers, he belongs on this list.

8th Mongraal


Mongraal (Image Credit: FaZe)

He is one of the faces of European Fortnite due to his immense popularity and success as a professional player. Mongraal became very popular in 2018 through their Twitch Streams.

Mongraal rose to fame when he was just 14 years old and showed people that younger players could compete and even be among the best players in the world. After winning many major tournaments and cash cups in Europe, Mongraal quickly gained a large following and transferred this success to the World Championship. Mongraal qualified several times for the Fortnite World Championship both as a solo and duo. There, Mongraal continued his dominance and finished 13th in solos and 6th in duos.

7. saf


Saf (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Saf is one of the most successful players in North America and belongs here because he is a part the best duo in the world. Together with his partner Zayt, they have reached the top 5 in all major duo tournaments since the World Cup qualifiers in early 2019.

6th Mr. Savage

Mr Savage Quelle Dot Esports

Mr Savage (Image Credit: Dot Esports)

Mr. Savage is a 15-year-old professional player from Norway, who forms one of the most popular duos in the world with Benjyfishy. They dominated the qualification for the European Championship and won millions of supporters. Mr. Savage qualified for the World Championship both as a solo and duo player, showing that he is one of the best in the world.

In the Dreamhack Anaheim 2019, Mr. Savage took first place. He transferred this success to the FNCS duos and solos, where he took home 12th and 15th place respectively.

5th Tfue


Image Credit: Tfue via Twitch)

Tfue was once the king of Fortnite competitive and is still the face of Fortnite in streaming. Tfue has the largest community of Fortnite fans with an average of 30,000 viewers daily.

From 2018 to early 2019 Tfue was considered the best Fortnite player in the world. In summer 2018 he won many solo and duo tournaments. When he entered the World Cup qualifying round in spring 2019, Tfue had the highest merit in Fortnite and was celebrated worldwide.

Since then, Tfue has not had as much success as the beginning of his career, but he still qualified for the World Cup as a solo player, finishing 67th. Since the World Championship he has had some success in the FNCS series, but he is no longer one of the best players in the world. Nevertheless, his success in his early days should be appreciated.

4. benjyfishy


Banjyfishy (Image Credit: Benjyfishy via YouTube)

Benjy grew up next to Mr. Savage's fame and as one of the most adorable duos in the World Championship. Benjy was a fan favorite because he was very passionate about Fortnite and used the competitive side of the game to support his family, which is insanely mature for a 16-year-old.

At the World Cup, Benjy continued to steal the hearts of fans with his lovely smile and great gameplay. He finished 14th in duos and 25th in the solo game, showing that he is one of the most talented players in the world. He immediately became a legend within the Fortnite community and is widely regarded as one of the best.

In the FNCS competitions, Benjy consistently placed high. In trios, he teamed up with two of the best players in Europe, Mongraal and Mitr0, and finished 10th. In Squads, Benjy took 2nd place in Europe together with Mongraal, Nayte and Wolfiez.

3rd Aqua


Aqua (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Aqua ranks 3rd on our list and is therefore our top European professional. Aqua is the most consistent player in the European region, which is considered the most difficult region to achieve success in at the highest level. Despite the intense competition, Aqua has managed to excel despite the talent of the other players.

At the World Championship, Aqua was the leading part in his duo, who made an incredible comeback: he won the last two games and, together with Nyrox, secured victory in the Duo World Championship, which immediately made him the second-highest earner in the history of Fortnite - behind Bugha - after winning $1.5 million.

Since the World Championship, Aqua has remained one of Fortnite's top players, regardless of the region. In the FNCS trios, Aqua won the championship again, along with Tschinken and Stompy. In the squads, Aqua also placed among the top 10 in Europe. In the duos, he showed once more that he is one of the best of the best. Together with Stompy he finished 4th in the FNCS duos in Europe. Finally, he had an insane performance in the solos of the FNCS where he reached 3rd place in Europe.

2nd Zayt


Zayt (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The second half of one of the best duos in the world ends up 2nd on our list. Zayt and Saf are both superstars on their own, but together they are almost unbeatable. Zayt, however, is a little better than Saf in solos. He runs the Fortnite competition scene in North America and organizes trainings and events for the other players in NA East. Zayt is one of Fortnite's brightest minds and best leaders, and that is exactly why he is so successful.

In the World Cup, Saf and Zayt were in first place in the duos until the last game, where they were killed early and thus fell back in the rankings. In the end, they finished 4th in the overall ranking and won almost 1 million dollars. As a solo player, Zayt also participated in the World Championship and finished 36th.

After the World Championship, Zayt continued his dominance over North American Fortnite. In trios, Zayt finished 4th with Saf and Zyfa. In squads, he teamed up with Commandment, Highsky and Saf and again finished fourth. Zayt and Saf also won the FNCS Duo Final, proving that they really are the best duo in North America. In the next FNCS tournament, Zayt finished in the top 10, making him one of the few players in the world to finish in the top 10 of all 4 FNCS tournaments held since the World Championship.

1st Bugha


Image Credit: Epic Games

Only one can be at the top of the list. This 17-year-old became a sensation overnight after winning the first Fortnite World Championship in 2019. Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf bagged $3 million in the final of the Fortnite Solos and left the venue with his new "Champion" title. He has sacked the biggest prize pool in the history of the Fortnite.

Since his big win at the world championship, the young Fortnite professional has won a horde of followers and made a name for himself in Fortnite and esports.

Since then, Bugha has remained one of the top players in the NA East region. He has qualified and participated in all FNCS tournaments and finished in the top 10 in both the FNCS duos and the Winter Royale 2019. For now, Bugha remains one best Fortnite players of all time but the game is still young.

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