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The Steam Summer Sale adds a Points Shop

Steam sale summer 2020

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This year’s Steam Summer Sale kicked off yesterday, June 25, and will last up until July 9. In addition to the discounts Valve also introduced the Points Shop.

Valve’s Steam Summer Sale is an annual event that brings plenty of offers on the majority of titles available. This year there was also an unexpected surprise as Valve introduced a new permanent addition to Steam called the Points Shop. Unlike the Steam Summer Sale which takes place June 25 to July 9, the Points Shop won’t be going away.

Steam summer sale points

Image credit: Valve Corporation

If you open Steam right now you’ll probably notice something. The fact that you’ve got a points balance. This basically means that purchases were backtracked to some point and depending on the amount spent you’ll be getting a nice start. From now on Steam users will be rewarded with 100 points for each dollar or 112 points for every euro spent.

What’s in the Points Shop?

The newly added feature offers a plethora of items to choose from. They vary from general stickers and game-specific ones. Players will also find a new way to customize their Steam profiles with animated avatars, avatar frames, backgrounds from your favorite games, and more. There are also extra badges you can purchase with the points but the cost of those escalates rather quickly.

Points badge

The point badges have quite a lot of levels. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

Last but not least there’s the option to make your entire profile golden, complete with background effects, frames, and everything. It comes at a cost of 5000 points, but will only last for 30 days so maybe it’s not as worth it as some of the other options. Thanks to the points Steam users can also reward reviewers or highlight user-generated content from the community workshop. The two will also award you with extra badges for each of the actions. In any case, the new feature is welcome as it allows players to stand out and modify their profile just the way they want to. Note that items bought with points are not tradeable and will be limited to your account only. Also if you refund a purchase, the same amount of points you received for it will be deducted from your account.

The Points Shop is already having some trouble processing orders, most likely as a result of the huge number of people purchasing during the sale. The Steam Summer sale offers some big discounts on popular franchises like The Witcher, Batman, Doom, and many others. With two weeks still remaining you’ll have plenty of time to make up your mind.

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