Bombshell is also an option.

Killjoy Might Be The Next Valorant Agent

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There are currently 11 playable agents in Valorant, but that number is going to increase over time. The next addition coming this season might be Killjoy.

Riot Games’ new tactical shooter Valorant had 10 agents available in its closed beta. Reyna became the eleventh one as she was revealed along with the release of Episode 1, Act I. The vampire-themed agent is only the first one for the season, with reportedly two more coming. A hint was given in late June when Anna Donlon revealed the company’s strategy for the episodes.

There’ll be three acts per episode and major features will be released at the start of an episode. This means things like new agents, new game modes, a new map, or a new feature. Act II may still be far away from release, but we already have a good idea about the next agent – Killjoy.

Even before the game’s official release fans were able to get their hands on some leaks and a potential new agent – Bombshell. There’s even a video with other agents referencing Bombshell.

Video credit: PlayerIGN

Then there was the animation for a turret ability.

Further down the line, people noticed Killjoy in the files and even an ability which seems like a drone.

With the latest patch, data miners had quite the treat as it contained plenty of new files they could go through.

According to the leaker, there’s still no actual model for Killjoy in the game files, but an animation exists. The latter was applied to Phoenix and you can see the effect above. Then there’s the audio files that got leaked. You can listen to over 7 minutes of random sounds here. You can certainly catch a turret getting deployed in there among many other noises.

So, will it be Bombshell or Killjoy? Who knows, but so far there’s definitely more leaks on Killjoy. The new agent isn’t expected to come anytime soon as Donlon mentioned only the new acts will offer significant changes. Valorant is currently in Episode 1, Act I which is expected to come to an end on August 2. The next act should start shortly after and at this point, it’s guaranteed there’ll be a new agent. There’s a high chance it’ll be Killjoy, but it could be just Riot pulling our leg.

Until then, stay tuned for more Valorant updates and make sure to check out EarlyGame for everything gaming and esports.

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