One of the least picked legends gets an event

The next town takeover in Apex will be all about Crypto

Crypto apex

Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Town takeovers in Apex Legends happen periodically and involve a certain legend. The last one dedicated to Bloodhound, but now it’s Crypto’s turn to shine.

Respawn Entertainment are doing a rather good job of delivering content periodically. Just enough to keep players entertained and asking about what’s behind the corner. It has been two months since the last town takeover event which featured Bloodhound. The latter happened back in April and gave fans more details about the legend’s backstory and struggles. Additionally, it brought thematic skins and other visuals along with a new in-game event.

Old ways apex bloodhound

A promo poster from the Bloodhound town takeover/event. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

What’s a town takeover?

Every time there is a town takeover a certain, rather barren part of the map gets reworked in order to reflect a specific legend. In the case of Bloodhound, it was The Old Ways event which added a gauntlet where players have to survive incoming waves of prowlers so they can get a reward. Wraith’s takeover featured Singh Labs, Octane had some racing tracks with jump pads, Mirage brought the Mirage Voyage, a special type of dropship with holographic copies spread all around it.

Crypto apex legends

Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Crypto is next

Usually, we see one town takeover per season. In the last few days, players found some clues about the next one.

The binary banners translate to “ifucanseemeIcan”. While it’s not guaranteed 100% there’s only one legend that fits the profile of binary codes and hacking and that’s Crypto. Ever since his release during Season 3, the surveillance expert has remained one of the least picked legends in the entire roster. The devs already hinted that they’re working on some buffs for the legend as his pick rate is still atrocious when compared to some of the others. Crypto is an excellent candidate for a town takeover as this will give him a much-needed spike in popularity. Furthermore, he’ll also get some exclusive skins, something he also lacks.

The banners in question were found at the edge of the map, so it’d be no surprise if the event is exactly where they stand. Such was the case with Bloodhound and The Old Ways. A Crypto town takeover will also mean new patch notes and maybe the long-awaited buffs for the legend. Chances are we’ll get more details and a potential confirmation by Respawn Entertainment during the EA Play event. The latter is coming later today (tomorrow for Europe) and there will certainly be some interesting news about Apex Legends. If the rumors about Crypto are true, we'll also get a new entry into the Stories from the Outlands, aka a backstory video about the legend. Don't miss EA Play which will start 4:00 PM PT / 7:00 PM ET or 1:00 AM (Friday) CET.

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