Off to the shop and pour some fruit

The Loserfruit Skin is live in Fortnite

Loserfruit fortnite

After some delay the Loserfruit Skin is finally available in the Fortnite Shop. (Source: Epic Games)

The popular Fortnite streamer Loserfruit is finally getting her long-awaited skin in the popular battle royal and this is how you get it.

OMG! Three letters that say it all. Influencer in Loserfruit is overwhelmed. For a few hours her own skin is live in Fortnite and already she is busy buying it. After the release was pushed further into the future due to the postponed Season 3 and the protests in the USA, Loserfruit can be happy: After Pokimane she is the first streamer to be honored with such a virtual image. She teases the moment of release herself:

So, finally, the time has come. The Loserfruit Skin is available in the Fortnite Shop and only for a limited time. So it's best to go and buy it quickly. The Skin costs 1.500, the complete package 2.000 V-Bucks. So it's worth getting the bundle right away, it contains the following content:

  • Loserfruit Skin
  • Emote
  • Harvestong Tools
  • Back bling

With 2 million followers on YouTube and 1.3 million on Twitch, Loserfruit has some fans who are sure to buy her skin. So it's not only a success for the Australian, but also for the wallet of Epic Games. They also teaser the new Loserfruit skin of course:

Code for the Loserfruit Skin

Whoever opens the shop now, attention! There is a code that you should enter when purchasing: Lufu. This is how Fortnite supports the influencer.

As always, more news about Fortnite can be found on EarlyGame, make sure you don't miss out on your Youtube channel where you'll find plenty of video content.

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