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The life and times of NiKo – Part 1

niko has an incredible aim that allows him to create highlight videos at every tournament he plays at
NiKo is "the highlight reel" when it comes to CS:GO (Image credit: DreamHack)

The crispiest and the most insane aim in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive belongs to Nikola “NiKo” Kovač. It did not take him long to establish himself as one of the best players ever. This week, in our two-part series we will try to tell his story, so do not miss out!

NiKo – early career

Born on February 16 1996, NiKo is still considered a youngster. The Bosnia-based esports athlete played Counter-Strike games throughout most of his life. He first found his passion in Counter-Strike 1.6.

Once CS:GO was released, Nikola decided to fully focus on it and leave 1.6 behind. Ever since he was 9, he has thrived on being the best. Luckily for him, his father owned a small gaming café where Nikola spent most of his time.

The Bosnian rifler was attached to his country and he wanted to succeed with his local team. His individual skill attracted a lot of attention and soon, NiKo got his first professional offer. Mousesports came calling, but he refused to join them.

“I knew that they would force me to accept the offer.” - NiKo on why he did not tell his parents about the offer

After spending 2 years shuffling between regional teams, however, Nikola decided that it would be in his best interest to join mouz. During the first year, the org wasn't looking so good and NiKo was frustrated.

Individually, the Bosnian prospect was on par with the other superstars. However, his teammates were not trying hard enough hence why changes were imminent. Despite several roster shuffles, he ultimately decided to jump ship and move to North America.

After buying out his contract for $450,000, FaZe wanted to create a team of superstars. Surprise, surprise, it worked. It did not take long for FaZe to prove their worth – they lifted their first trophy (StarLadder Series Season 3 Finals).

NiKo's social media, Twitch and community followers

Just like every other CS:GO player out there, NiKo is very active on social media. If you would like to check out what he does on a daily basis, here are some links and his follower base:

  • Instagram(@csgoniko) – 354,000 followers
  • Twitter(@fazeniko) – 347,000 followers
  • Twitch(@NiKo) – 321,000 followers

Truth be told, Nikola definitely deserves more Twitch subscribers. His aim is incredible and makes for great spectacle. This allows him to make insane plays that can’t be seen anywhere else. It is also important to mention that he often streams his FPL matches.

If you want to learn all there is about crosshair placement and movement, you should definitely check out his Twitch stream.

NiKo's personal life and some things you probably didn't know

Honestly, Nikola is a wild one. If you take a closer look at his Instagram stories, you can find that he enjoys partying. He was also taped while being out and doing some weird things. An example can be found in the video below WHICH IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR CHILDREN:

Did you know that Nikola earned over $700,000 in prize money? However, it is rumored that he is also on a very big monthly salary. On top of that, he earns a lot by sponsoring various companies.

Despite being relatively rich, he did not spend most of his hard-earned money. Unlike other pros that drive luxury cars, NiKo found his happiness in his trusty BMW.

During his time in Europe, Nikola was in a relationship with a girl from his home town. However, once he moved away from Europe, he left her behind. Currently, he is not seeing anyone.

With such incredible individual talent, Nikola has a bit different behavior while competing. He is probably expecting everyone to be on his level, but that is not possible. This is why he can be toxic at times.

You probably did not know that NiKo’s cousin (Nemanja "huNter-" Kovač) is also a professional CS:GO player who is currently playing under the G2 banner. Gaming runs in the family, I guess?

All in all, we believe that you have learned something more about FaZe's NiKo but trivia is nothing without some sports, right? That's why we encourage you to tune in for Part 2 of NiKo's tale where we will discuss his professional career and achievements.

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