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Miracle one of the best dota 2 player ever

Miracle is the first Dota 2 player ever to reach 9K MMR (Image credit:

If you ever wondered who is the Dota 2 player with the highest level of technical skill, you will not have to look far. Amir “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi definitely belongs among the best Dota 2 players that ever touched this MOBA game. This week, in our two-part series, we take a look at his story.

Miracle-: early career

Amir Al-Barkawi had been a passionate gamer since he was a young kid. It all started in an Internet Café in his home country, Jordan. Once again, we are seeing big brothers having an influence on their siblings. This is how his career started.

Amir didn't know a lot about the Dota 2 professional scene. Before he became so popular, he did not even know that there was a professional circuit revolving around this MOBA.

In late 2013, the MMR system was introduced to Dota 2, and the young player going by the moniker Miracle- started the grind. Only two people were able to reach that 8K MMR mark. After that goal was fulfilled, it was time to go pro and Amir was waiting for someone to reach out.

Balkan Bears was the first professional Dota 2 team that he represented. However, he did not stick long enough to make an impact there. Once Johan "N0tail" Sundstein came a-calling, it did not take Miracle- long to accept the call and join OG.

“At first, I was just playing for fun.”

It also did not take long for Amir to adjust to the professional scene. After a couple of games, his technical skill and talent were enough for OG to dominate everyone. In his first big event, Miracle- led OG to a trophy at Frankfurt Major.

After his famous disagreement with OG, Miracle- decided that it was time to part ways with his former team and join Team Liquid instead. At that time, the potential that Team Liquid had was insane.

Miracle-: social media, followers and streaming channels

Just like every other esports athlete out there, Amir is highly active on social media such as Twitter and Instagram. On top of that, he often streams via Twitch. His follower numbers can be found down below, so if you'd like to check him out and join his community, you might learn some real Dota 2 skills:

As you can see, these numbers are not as high as some other streamers and esports pros. We believe that Miracle's followers should be way higher since his technical skill is a joy to watch – but don't believe us and check out for yourselves!

Miracle's personal life and some things you probably didn't know

Did you know that Amir was born to a Polish mother and a Jordanian father? That's why he is able to claim twin citizenship.

As a young kid, he spent most of his time playing football and breakdancing with his friends. Ever since he was 12, however, he has been spending a lot of his free time playing Dota and constantly honing his skills.

Miracle ti winner

Miracle won his first ever TI back in 2017. (Image credit: TheGameHous)

In the early days, Dota 2 did not have an official ranking system. Once introduced, Miracle- received the fat solo MMR rating of 5200.

Amir was the first player to ever reach 9K MMR rating. The game where he broke the record was played in the practice room of EPICENTER 2016.

At the time of writing, Miracle- has a net worth sited around $5,000,000. For a person that was born in 1997, that's a lot of money.

From what we were able to find out, Amir is not in a relationship nor is he seeing anyone. However, he did once say that he fell in love with the Aegis.

If you follow Miracle- on Instagram, you can easily spot that he likes to travel a lot.

Now that you have learned a couple of things about Miracle's personal life, make sure you come back for Part 2 of our tale in the Life and times of this Dota 2 pro, where we will talk about his individual Dota 2 achievements and awards.

And if you'd like to learn more about the lives and accomplishments of the best and brightest in esports, check out the rest of our Life and times series:


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