The Life and Times of gla1ve – Part 1

Lukas won 4 Major trophies in total. On top of that, he won all there is in CS:GO.

Gla1ve is the only IGL that's won 3 Major trophies in a row. (Image credit: ESL)

Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander is by far the biggest in-game leader in CS:GO. His ability to lead and guide his teammates is unbelievable and this is the main reason why Astralis found success in recent years. In this piece, you can find interesting facts and personal info about Lukas so do not miss out.

Early Career

Unlike many other esports athletes that kickstarted their gaming career by watching their siblings play the games, gla1ve’s career was not like that.

Born on June 7, 1995 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Lukas Rossander simply wanted to compete in his life. At first, he had nothing do to with gaming as he was only interested in soccer. However, a career-defining injury separated him from the soccer field and he looked for competition elsewhere.

Once he turned 14, Rossander replaced the soccer boots with a mouse and keyboard. He fell in love with Counter-Strike in a gaming café where he saw that everyone played this FPS title.

After spending most of his money buying minutes to use the PC in the gaming café, gla1ve’s mother decided that it would be cheaper to just buy him the game.

Lukas put a lot of time and effort into the game and he was really intrigued by the professional Counter-Strike scene. As you can imagine, he desperately wanted to join in on the action.

Take a look at some of the best plays from this Danish IGL. (Video credit: Snipe2DieTV)

Gla1ve's professional career kickstarted during the Counter-Strike: Source days. He switched between several teams before settling with Epsilon Gaming.

Once CS:GO was released, things did not look that good for him but you'll have to wait and find out what happened in Part 2 of our story. For now, let's just say that gla1ve is part of Team Astralis and doesn't seem to be going anywhere else.

Gla1ve's Social Media Profiles and Followers

The entire Astralis roster is really popular on social media. However, it is important to state that gla1ve never wanted to be in the spotlight, unlike his teammates. He led Astralis to glory from the shadows. Below, you can find his social media profiles and follower numbers.

From the numbers, you can tell that Lukas is not that popular on social media and there is a reason for that. He is not flashy, he will not produce sick frags and he will not go for insane plays. Instead, gla1ve is playing the game the way it should be played, even though it doesn't produce much of a show.

Gla1ve's Personal Life and Things You Probably Didn't Know

So far in his career, Lukas has earned a total of $1,607,000 just from prize pool money. According to Danish CS:GO sources, he also earns $300,000 yearly from salaries.

Despite not having a successful soccer career, Lukas' father always supported him in his dream of becoming a professional CS:GO player. Sadly, he did not get to see his son grow up in one of the best CS:GO players in the world as he passed away in 2012.

Did you know that Lukas played soccer with several players that are playing in the best leagues right now? For instance, he played alongside Andreas Christensen, a center-back that is currently in Chelsea.

From what we were able to find out, Lukas drives a Mercedes-Benz GLC300 which costs around $40,000. That tendency to keep a low profile does not seem to extend to vehicles.

At the time of writing, gla1ve is in a relationship with @sinterbell. She works as a therapist and she also enjoys streaming various games such as Dota 2, League of Legends and CS:GO.

gla1ve and his girlfriend sinterbell

Image credit: @sinterbell via Instagram

Lukas has suffered from pneumothorax (collapsed lung) a total of 3 times! The last time it happened, gla1ve pulled through and played in the semi-finals against ENCE at Assembly Winter 2016.

We hope you enjoyed this part of Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander's life and times. In Part 2, we will get to the good stuff and take a deep dive into his professional career, discuss events he won with Astralis and much more, so make sure you stick around!

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