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The Life and Times of Karrigan – Part 1

Karrigan proved that being a star player does not necessarily means that you have to be a top fragger.

Karrigan is the biggest mastermind in CS:GO. (Image credit: Starladder)

There are a lot of star players in CS:GO. However, there are not that many of them who are capable of getting the best out of their teammates. This is why we wanted to talk about one special pro – Finn “karrigan” Andersen. Here, you will find everything related to Finn’s personal life, social media and things that you did not know about this Danish IGL.

Early Career

Finn “karrigan” Andersen was born on April 14, 1990. Despite living in Denmark, his mother is actually from Germany while his father is Danish.

Take a wild guess about how it all started for Finn. His brother introduced him to Counter-Strike back in 2001. After a couple of years of grinding under the now-famous alias, karrigan started playing competitively back in 2006 and 2007.

“I push myself to become better” – Finn “karrigan” Andersen

In 2010, he joined the first “serious” team called Full-Gaming. However, not so long after that, he was picked up by mousesports in order to represent their Counter-Strike roster. After a 2-year adventure with the German franchise, karrigan parted ways with them and joined fnatic.

Transitioning to CS:GO

When CS:GO came out, karrigan was still competing under the fnatic banner. And naturally, only a couple of days after the release, fnatic offered him a spot in their CS:GO roster. However, he did not last long there. It took him 30 days to go back to mousesports.

We can freely say that his career kickstarted in 2015. At that time, he was representing Team Dignitas and he was doing wonders with this team. After his spell with Dignitas, karrigan put a pen to paper on a TSM deal.

Now that karrigan is surrounded by young players who are willing to learn, he can shape them and the way they play how he wants

At the moment, karrigan is leading the way for young guns in mousesports but he did have a spell with FaZe. (Image credit: karrigan via Unikrn)

Then, in 2016, karrigan was given the biggest opportunity of his entire CS:GO career. First, he created Astralis with other Danish pros.

After a couple of months, a chance to lead an ultimate team of superstars appeared. He was tempted to say "no" but on October 19, 2016 he signed a long-term deal with FaZe Clan.

He spent over 2 years with FaZe and sadly, he was unable to win a single Major trophy. It seemed like FaZe Clan struggled under his command and it was once again time for Finn to look for another team.

Then, karrigan joined a team of youngsters in mousesports. This enabled him to pass all of his knowledge on to the young guns and so far, the German CS:GO franchise is doing really well.

Karrigan Social Media, Followers and Twitch

Social networks are a thing in 2020 and karrigan is no stranger to them. Truth be told, he is very active on most of the socials he uses. Below, you can find follower base numbers, and his social media profiles so if you want to learn from the best, do not miss out:

One thing is for sure, in-game leaders are not getting the love they deserve. You can see from his follower count, karrigan is not followed a lot on social media. From our perspective, he deserves much more because were it not for him, mousesports would not be where they are at right now.

Karrigan's Personal Life and Things Probably You Did Not Know About Him

According to esportsearnings.com, karrigan is the 12th best paid CS:GO player (when it comes to prize pool money). From what we were able to find out, Finn won around $1,000,000 just from prize pool money.

Did you know that karrigan is involved in a romantic relationship? Not so long ago, he proposed to his girlfriend Anja Suder and she said yes!

karrigan and anja suder on a boat

Looking good together. (Image credit: Anja Suder via Instagram)

There is a reason why Finn is an in-game leader. He is a very smart guy and he was able to get a college degree while playing CS:GO on a professional level.

Karrigan is a big fan of cars. At the moment, he is driving a TESLA Model S which costs around $80,000.

Finn is a big animal lover. Dogs are by far his favorites. From what we were able to find out, he does not own any type of animal, yet.

In 2011, he was rated as the 8th best player in the world.

As mentioned above, Finn is a smart guy. Only a few know that he is fluent in 3 different languages: English, German and Danish.

If you like the first part of karrigan biography, make sure you come back for Part 2 where we will take a deep dive into the good stuff – his professional career, tournaments he won and so much more.

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