Joel and Ellie get their own show

The Last of Us is getting an HBO series by the creator of Chernobyl

The last of us hbo series

Joel and Ellie. (Image credit: Naughty Dog)

The 2013 PlayStation-exclusive smash hit is getting a high-budget TV adaptation.

It’s official. To the joy of Naughty Dog fans everywhere, the emotional zombie game The Last Of Us is getting a proper film adaptation.

Father and daughter Joel and Ellie will fight their way through fungus-infected zombies and ruthless killers in a life-threatening trip across America once again. The show is in the hands of Craig Mazin, the talent behind the successful Chernobyl series.

HBO and Naughty Dog has begun to release hints and teases for the contents of the show. Recently, Naughty Dog Vice President Neil Druckmann confirmed a slew of female characters that will make it to the TV screen via a tweet:

Ellie and Joel will meet a cast of ladies such as Ellie’s friend Riley, Joel’s friend Tess, the Fireflies leader Marlene, and Tommy’s wife, Maria.

However, Druckmann left one name blank “covered” by four emojis, implying an unknown four-letter female character. This might be Ellie’s mother Anna, who’s only talked about in the game, but never shown, or a brand-new character from the upcoming highly anticipated sequel, The Last of Us Part II hitting PS4 on May 29.

This is not the only adaptation of a Naughty Dog property for film, as their other hit franchise Uncharted is also getting a big movie starring Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, and Antonio Banderas.

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