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The Highest Rated Players in FIFA 21


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FIFA ratings were first introduced in FIFA 2005. Since then, player ratings have been among the most anticipated features of the game every year. Subject to endless predictions and twice the debates, ratings are always going to be on people’s lips around the time of the game’s release.

Gameplay features are obviously just as important, if not more, but there’s just something about the numbers that attracts us. Mathematicians, this is your time to shine!

EA Sports unveiled the player ratings for the newest FIFA installment – FIFA 21, in mid-September. The announcement came at the tail end of rather positive reactions from the community on the gameplay features that were presented a week earlier.

Of course, this being FIFA, it couldn’t all be rays of sunshine, so naturally, a subject of contempt was found in the form of the player ratings.

Some fans went as far as to start a petition demanding EA Sports change the ratings to better fit the players’ real-life performance.

We doubt that this event will cause the publisher to reevaluate the numbers, so we believe this will be the final verdict on the top-rated FIFA 21 players.

There’s a general feel of taming some players and their ratings that many have voiced legitimate concerns over. The fact that (spoiler alert) there are just two players rated above 91 (we know the ones) is ruffling feathers with some people suggesting it’s done on purpose to keep regular gold cards at borderline useless level in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Conspiracy theories are another fun subject to entertain ourselves with. However, we should not forget why we are here: the numbers! The magical numbers that will determine how good your favorite players will be in FIFA 21.

We can’t go over each one. We know our limit. It’s six. Our limit is six. Enjoy the top 6 FIFA 21 Players!

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