Hearthstone's summer event gets a demon hunter touch

The Hearthstone Felfire Festival of Music and Vengeance starts today

Hearthstone Felfire 2020

Image credit; Blizzard Entertainment

This year's summer event in Hearthstone is the Felfire Festival of Music and Vengeance, or the Demon Festival of Music and Vengeance, and features pirates, a solo adventure, and much more.

Today, June 9, Hearthstone's summer event starts. The Felfire Festival (Demon Wake Festival) brings a lot of new content that will add new features further down the road.

June 9: Pirates board the game

Starting today, pirates will stir up the battlefield with 17 new Minions and three new heroes. In addition to the new heroes Captain Eudora, Sky Captain Kragg, and Captain Hooktusk, Patches the Pirate will also return with a new ability.

Patches the pirate

Patches the Pirate gets a new hero ability. (Source: Blizzard Entertainment)

June 17: Solo adventure - Trial by Felfire

A new free solo adventure called "Trial by Felfire" will follow on June 17. The adventure will include five chapters and Aranna Starseeker who we'll accompany on her search. Together with Illidan and the demon hunters, you will face MECHA-JARAXXUS. Aranna Starseeker will be available as a new hero and at the end of the adventure, you will also receive the Rust Legion map back.

Hearthstone Rostlegion

The new Rust Legion card back. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

June 24: Challenge mode and The return of the Burndown Tavern Brawl

On June 24, two new or old contents will follow. In Challenge Mode, you can create your own deck to compete against the toughest bosses in Outland. Those who master all challenges will receive the golden card Kael'thas Sunstrider.

In addition, the Burndown Tavern Brawl returns on June 24th. Here, all players receive random decks and the loser gets his opponent's deck. In the end, there will be only a single deck left - one which defeated all of the rest.

July 1: The Rumbledome Tavern Brawl

Finally, on July 1, it's time for The Rumbledome Tavern Brawl. Here you choose a class and one of the new weapons and plunge into battle.

The Felfire Festival is rounded off by a legendary quest series, which rewards you with some card packs.

  • June 17, 6:00 p.m. CEST: Complete Chapter 1 in the Trial by Felfire adventure and earn 1 Ashes of Outland pack, 1 Year of the Dragon pack, and 1 Rise of Shadows pack.
  • June 24, 6:00 p.m. CEST: Play 4 Trial by Felfire Challenge games and earn 1 Ashes of Outland pack, 1 Year of the Dragon pack, and 1 Saviors of Uldum pack.
  • July 1, 18:00 CEST: Play 4 Tavern Brawl games and earn 1 Ashes of Outland pack, 1 Year of the Dragon pack, and 1 Descent of Dragons pack.

Lots of new content, especially with the new pirates and free adventure. The Felfire Festival will conclude with a $200,000 event - Battlegrounds Brawl. A total of 16 players split into 4 teams will clash for a chance to grab a piece of the prize pool. Expect an update on it further down the road.

All other Hearthstone news and updates, like the Hearthstone Masters Tour Montreal, can be found on EarlyGame.

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