Not only expensive but also late

The Fetch Land reprint gets delayed

Fetchlands reprint gets delayed

The original fetch land cycle from Zendikar. (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

The latest delay in the gaming industry caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and the difficulties surrounding it comes for the rather luxurious set of five cards dubbed Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition.

You might remember when Wizards of the Coast spokesperson Blake Rasmussen made the surprising announcements that Fetch Lands, some of Magic’s most sought-after dual lands, are getting a reprint – something players have been asking for years. We at EarlyGame were quick on the news and we published an article explaining why this was such a big deal.

In short, these cards are extremely valuable in various formats, especially Modern, and their low supply and high demand lead to a rather hefty price tag.

Wizards of the Coast made players happy with the announcement of repairing, but the joy only lasted a few moments because it turned out to be a Secret Lair release instead of a proper inclusion in a set, and the price for these five pieces of cardboard is expected to start at $500 and grow from there, as stores are allowed to stock no more than 2 or 3 of these. Ouch.

Blake Rasmussen was already looking nervous waaaay back in March. (Video credit: Tolarian Community College via YouTube)

As a final nail in the enthusiasm coffin, the treasured product won’t even make its announced release date and is now expected to hit stores on June 12. The reason, of course, is the complicated global situation and the transportation issues connected to it.

It’s certain that the delay does not do Wizards any favors, as the frustration of the low availability and high price was already affecting the product negatively.

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