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ESL One Los Angeles started back on March 28 and most of the regions have already declared a winner. The sole exception to this are Europe and the CIS. Both regions are playing together in one bigger region which kicked off this Saturday.

The first stage of ESL One Los Angeles is already behind us. It took roughly over a week of highly competitive Dota 2 to declare the winners in North and South America, SEA and China.


In SEA Fnatic were the favorites to take the first spot in the region, but things didn’t exactly go their way in the group stage. Team Adroit were the ones to go directly to the grand finals. Geek Fam got eliminated for being at the bottom of the barrel and Fnatic went against BOOM Esports. Fnatic took care of BOOM and headed for the grand finals where Adroit proved to be no match. Ending the showdown with 3:0 Fnatic didn’t let their fanbase down.

North America

In NA the group stage brought a big surprise as the regional favorites Evil Geniuses lost to Quincy Crew (ex-Chaos EC). The underdog team remained undefeated and earned a spot directly in the grand finals. On the other end of the spectrum, it was business associates who finished the group stage without a single victory and went home. EG eliminated CR4ZY on their way to the grand finals, eventually taking the title with a 3:1 and reminding fans that they’re still the top team in North America.

South America

Things were quite similar in the south. NoPing e-sports were the dominant team during the group stage as they didn’t even lose a single match and earned a slot in the grand finals. Thunder Predator were the equivalent of business associates, with zero victories. Much like EG, beastcoast made their way to the grand finals after eliminating FURIA Esports. Even the final score in the finals was the same with a 3:1 in favor of beastcoast. NoPing had an excellent run but it looks like the pressure, in the end, was too much.


China was the only region without twists and turns. It featured six teams instead of four like the other three regions we looked at. Royal Never Give Up showed everyone how it’s done. Going 5-0 in the groups the team continued their streak in the winner’s finals where they defeated EHOME 2:1. In the grand finals, their opponent was Newbee who climbed all the way back from the bottom of the lower bracket. RNG came out as the victor once again with 3:1.


The last two regions that’ll play together are Europe and the CIS. The league for them started on April 4 and the group stage will last up until April 16. The final three days will be the playoffs. Due to the low number of matches we’ve seen it’s hard to tell who’ll come out on top. This is the region with the most teams, with a total of 16, split into two groups. OG and Team Secret seem like the most promising group leaders, but this might all change in the next two weeks.

Stay tuned for more Dota 2 updates.

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